Italeri 1/35 M7 Priest

I know its an oldie but like the look of it… going to add stowage and a rack at the front plus wading fittings and some tarps…


If I were you I would consider replacing those rubber tracks with indy-link.

That’s a golden oldie, well worth putting in a bit of effort! But I agree with Robin - the Italeri tracks are too short and fit too tight, putting strain on the axles. There are lots of different replacement tracks out there, and they will do wonders for your build.

The one I built decades ago had the smooth rubber blocks T51 tracks.
They were horrible. I managed to stretch them and glued the bogies
in the level position.
One day I found the M7 lying on its side in the display cabinet.
The track had broken and the force from the rubber tracks going back to straight
again flipped the whole thing sideways.
Still need to replace those tracks …

oohhh ok… noted

airfix is also releasing a 1/35 M7 Priest, is it a repop of this kit?

Dragon had/have a Priest too …

I thought most Airfix 1:35 armour was Academy repops?

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Academy 13210

Hey Rob, whatever you do about tracks be sure to post pics as you get into it! Always good to see a new build.

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yeah you could be right mate, i know their 1/35 hetzer is, i was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on the subject for me.

Scalemates say:

I concur.
Sprue images at Super Hobby if you want to compare and be totally convinced.


The Italeri and Dragon sprues are totally different from Academy/Airfix
and from each other

Yes, it says Academy but I wouldn’t be surprised if the fit works well with the Tamiya kit like a number of their other kits and the Tamiya kit is a repop of the Italeri kit.

Academy sprue:

Airfix sprue:

The images of the Academy and Airfix sprues are taken from opposite sides,
the Airfix sprue is from the reverse side (no part numbers)

Dragon sprue

Italeri/Tamiya sprue


I’ll certainly look forward to your build. Several of those old Italeri kits still hold up very well after all these years.


The Academy kit includes a big goofy steering wheel. I think it’s out of scale :grin:

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ok… so “rope” wrapped round the upper part of the gun… a bit fluffy so need to work out how to stick it down more…


and for completeness, this is the “look” I am going for… stowage, tarps… I know the kit doesnt match a dday version but i am going to make her up to look similar:


Use waxed rigging line for model ships.


oohhh I have hair wax I use to tidy up my brushes…

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