Italeri Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma

Hi, I have some things for your project to sale

Feel free to look.
Barrel is a must since Italeri is wrong.

Thank you for your offering. However, I’m going to build the kit out of the box. Because I’m currently working on my skills for model making. Like removing seam lines, test fitting etc. I’m not focussing on making the best or most accurate kit.

Besides, I’m proud of myself already with all the amount of work I’ve done. And getting this far.

Also, I currently don’t have the finances to spend a lot on the hobby.

Thanks again, but I’m afraid I have to refuse.

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Saturday 14 October 2023; Update on the current state of the project:

I have worked on the interior of the kit. However, I didn’t had the right paint to paint the interior properly. So I decided to just build it and leave it unpainted. I’m building the hatches closed, so it won’t be visible. No problems there. You might think why did I build the interior in the first place? Well, at least I learned a little about how the interior looked like in the actual vehicle. At least I hope so. :laughing: :grin:

I’ve constructed the sidefenders I believe. I don’t know the name of these parts. But I’ve constructed them. The two parts inside were a little to big to fit with the indicators inside of the parts. But I don’t see problems there. I’ve checked the instructions and to my knowledge shouldn’t give any problems. :sweat_smile:

Next I installed the vision slits in the upper structure and installed the upper structure on the lower hull. The upper structure is a little to big in some areas. And doesn’t make it look like one piece. But I’m not sure what to do about it. Is it even visible after installing those two sidefender parts? :thinking:

This result costed me a near day of work. And I’m tired, but it was worth it. And I’ve a really satisfied feeling. :innocent:


That’s excellent progress :clap:

I think you’re doing very well with this build.

Thank you.
I’m also discovering a lot and I’m still learning everyday.
Also thanks to you.

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We have all been there! Keep up the good work.

Upper hull should overlap the lower hull for a few mm in the real vehicle, so don´t worry about it.

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You can obtain a decent replica for the gun with a zis 3 gun and a bit of milling on drill machine

Are you able to refresh my memory?
I’ve not been working on the project and keeping this topic up to date at the same time for some weeks now.
And now that I’m in the middle of a movement for the first time in my life to my own place.
Moving out of my parents house.
I just can’t keep up with the project and/or keep this topic up to date at the same time.