Italeri Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma

I look a well managed barrel: check the alignment of muzzle brake…photo is unclear

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You need to cut that muzzle brake off and start again…

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Nice work so far! Your skills are improving rapidly!!

I do agree with others. The muzzle brake appears to be angled up and to the left (when viewed from the top) thankfully an easy fix. Use a razor to cut it off, clean up the cut line with sand paper, realign and glue back on

Bummer!!! But I will see what I can do.

On the 5th of Monday I have been working on these Jerry Cans on a step of the Puma project.
I think the blue background has significantly improved the quality of the pictures, don’t you?

Because there was a void to overcome, I did use more superglue to fill this ass well.
That’s why you see the black color on the sides.

I just realized today when I was working on the Jerry Cans of the project that the line in the middle of these straps.
Also allowed to bend this part to probably adjust it to the can.
And I now did with the next Jerry Cans of which I still have to shoot pictures…

Anyway, I’m happy how thse two examples have turned out.
And it took me a fair amount of time to get them in the state they are now in.

I’m not sure if I can do something about the glue and if I want to.
I don’t want to damage my previous work, because that took me a long time to achieve as well.

Thank you for reading and checking my topic out.
Hope to see you for the next update, bye.


Razor? Could you show me a picture or explaing what you mean what it is?

Sorry, I meant a razor saw. Something like this

Or the razor blade saws made by JLC, see at
available anywhere in Europe.

Yes, the Italeri Puma is old and has some issues, HOWEVER… It can and has been made into some outstanding builds. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad. I read one post that quoted the kit was so bad “I threw it away”. Yes, that’s your purgative, but “it’s the poor artist that blames his tools”.


@Whitney_Foreman Whitney

Yes, I threw an Italeri Puma away. Poor quality manufacturering with mold shift, sink marks & short shots earned it a spot in the trash bin.

Second time in less than a week you’ve had a negative comment about my modeling skills so Let’s take your personal gripe with me to direct message. We can sort the issue and bypass all of the silly passive-aggressive drama.



My prerogative is that if you are going to call some one out maybe use the right grammar. when people spew comments about others and airs drama, its much like a purgative, a whole lot of crap comes out but nothing useful

@modelbouwnederland CA debonder will remove excess CA. I apply it and scrub off the excess with an old, shortened round paint brush. This works best if done shortly after the glue application. It will work with old joints but requires multiple applications and lots of scrubbing and scrapping.


and a good artist does not use bad tools

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I think part of the problem is variable quality-control at Italeri over the years. I’ve had multiple copies of the same kit, but clearly from different moulding runs, where some are fine and others have misalignments, flash, and sink holes. These defects are a sign of a less-skilled engineer setting up the machine, and not necessarily anything to do with the actual tooling. I’ve had good luck with several of the 234 variants that I built, but have also passed up on the same kits for sale with those moulding issues. Sure, the Dragon kits are much better, but they cost a lot and I’m not that bothered - I only build the odd Axis kit for fun rather than to make a perfect replica. (I spend rather more effort and money on Allied WW2 subjects, as that’s my area of interest so I want those to be as good as I can get…)


I mentioned no names, I cast NO dispersions. If you want to start a pissing contest GREAT. And what is the problem with criticisms.
And let’s start with throwing out a kit produced in the 70’s and blaming poor quality. REALLY, you have to be a complete jack-a-lope. You must be one of those that can only build from the 2000’s with all the extras. You start pissing up my rope. I am ready willing and able. If you want to have a discussion about builds and poor molds. GREAT. If you want to keep score like a F-ing child, well we can go down that road as well. And what other “negative” remark.

Wow Whitney truely pathetic. Thank you for showing your nature quickly as I won’t waste time on you. So much for discussion by PM and a civil resolution.

Of course you’ve cast dispersion, otherwise you wouldn’t have been call on it.

  1. I made a good faith effort with you by ignoring the first dispersion in your scratch build thread.

  2. Here with the second dispersion you were called on it. I attempted to solve the problem via PM, to no avail based on your above response.

There’s conflict here and obviously you want to wallow in conflict rather than resolve conflict. I don’t waste much time with drama intensive people.

Welcome to my ignore list.

Goodbye & Happy modelling!


@Whitney_Foreman if you paid any attention to some of the other very very recent threads on this forum, you would realise that this statement you have made about @Armor_Buff is wildly incorrect.

Take a look at some of Wades recent threads, then let us know if you have changed your tune.

Wades threads are some of my favourites, and his contributions / advise / attitude / helpfulness is right up their among the best on the forum.

His level of “scratch building” is also pretty high relative to most contributors, which I know is something you have a passion for.


@Mead93 Luckily I have the Tamiya Handy Craft Saw. As a result of the tips and tricks I got from the Famo project. Which you all have helped me a lot as well. So thanks again for that. The Famo project has probably been one of the most educative projects I’ve done. And lots of improvements made to. All I want to say is, thank you for that.

@taylorrl In that case, I might just leave the joints as they are. Since I’m now aiming to complete the project, rather than perfecting it. However, what can I do in the future to improve on this in coming projects? Do you have any tips or advice?

@barkingdigger Thank you for the informative answer about Italeri. It sure was interesting to read.

I am sorry that it includes comments that are somewhat less positive.

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The JLC saws are great I just bought the off-set handle one to go with the regular one I have and replacement blades for them.

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In my country, Whitney is not only assigned exclusively to females, but is kind of a joke name associated with ‘common’ poorly educated folk.

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