Italeri sherman m4a3e8 fury

Hello, I am writing my first post. I watched the movie Fury and made Sherman. Please give me feedback on how it is. Thank you so much for watching ^^


Hello and welcome to Armorama! You’ll find lots of friendly helpful people here and the site is just full of excellent modeling and fun to explore. Your model has a lot of good features; you’re off to a good start!

Good Job ! I just finished that model . I roughed up the logs a little with putty to make them look like bark .

Thank you for your kind words. I will do many fun activities in the future.

I am also curious about your work. Thank you for your kind reply.

Looks really good and I like all the stores it’s carrying.

Thank you for the compliment.^^

Hi there! Welcome to the KitMaker Network! It’s always awesome to see new people here.

The Fury looks amazing! I really like how authentic you’ve made it look. How did you like the Italeri kit?

Again, welcome aboard!


@mc_clark Mcalee

Welcome to the forum!

Fury is an amazing movie that inspires a lot of model building. I think you’ve captured the essence of WW2 M4A3E8 Sherman. The storage adds realistic visual interest to the model. Nicely Done!

It’s an honor to see you well. I’ll do good activities in the future ^^

Thank you for your welcome The Italian product had a bit of a lag, but I tried to make it as close to the movie as possible ^^

Looks really good, I like your weathering on the running gear,mud looks good,also like the weathering of the stowage. I was also moved by the movie to do Fury,I used the Tasca kit with Legends Stowage.

You did ask for feedback,so I will say this,for maximum realism,make sure your stowage is secured so pieces don’t fly off when moving.Also I can’t see for sure but make sure the turret can fully rotate without getting hung up on the stowage.
I know this because I got. Carried away with my stowage which would cause a problem in combat.
But as I mentioned,an excellent build.

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I, too, have built this kit. I found it easy and fun to build. The parts went together quite well, and it looks the part. I understand that it was a joint project with Dragon/DML.


Looks pretty good to me, keep up the good work.

Thank you for your kind words. I’m going to check everything you’ve told me. ^^

I’ll continue to enjoy my activities. Thank you.

Sure thing,you may not be able or want to change anything on this build,but its things to remember for the next one.

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I roughed up the logs a little ,with putty , to look like bark .