It's awfully quiet on AFV/Aeroscale

There have been no new add-ons on AFV and Aeroscale for days… I thought. But hey, it’s all on the NEW versions. I just didn’t know…


Hahaha Ive already made like 5 topics and I’m trying not to make as many new ones because I dont want people will get sick of my builds!

I think the new forum site rocks. I put off joining back on 2012 because picture upload was so clunky. It’s fantastic now! There maybe other wandering in like me that used to only lurk over time.

Added a thread to AFV Axis tonight to stir the pot a little and keep my interest alive in the build.

Sadly all forums are sort of stone age social media version 1.0 vs facepage, Insta-spam & twitty.

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