IVF Treatment

Hi folks,

well for the last few months i have had a lot of stress in my life with numerous trips back and forth to Spain for IVF treatment so that we can start a family of our own. this is one of the reason i have not been as active as i would have liked on this forum and model building has gone right out the window as well.

The last couple of weeks have been the worst, not only on the home front but at work as my new co worker has become an instant @$$hole. having tried to explain to him numerous times how to do the job he insists on ignoring my advice and doing it his way which fails every time. i has gotten to the point i have reported him to my immediate boss who pulled him in just before i went on my last trip to Spain and when i got back he was sulking. a 36 year old man sulking refusing to speak to me, this has gone on for almost two weeks and i again have had to report him for not working with me properly on top of the stress i have had regarding the IVF, which i shall now elaborate on.

so 3 weeks ago we were in Spain for the embryo implantation. we had paid the £6500 and were all set but we were told my wife needed an injection, turns out it’s actually a series of injections and so we were hit with a bill for £250 and there was additional medication she also had to get which then added another £400 on top of that.

the implantation went well and she/we recovered over the next few days before flying home from northern Spain. the doctor had given us 3 weeks of progesterone for me to inject into my wife but they didn’t have enough at their pharmacy and told us that we would be able to get it once we got back to the UK.

when we got back to the UK we found that the NHS didn’t want anything to do with us and would not give us a prescription for this hormone that my wife needed, they wouldn’t even write out a private prescription. we asked in Boots our local pharmacy if they had the hormone and they said they had but wouldn’t sell it to us over the counter and that we had to have a prescription…doh!

i contacted our doctor in Spain and asked if they could send the hormone out to us using DHL, Fed-Ex or something like that but they couldn’t because we were no longer in the EU ( thanks Boris another job you messed up). through another medical practise in Stirling i was advised to contact a private clinic and with only a few days left of the hormone to inject into my wife, they gave us a private prescription (we had two small glass vials left at that point… i was crapping myself on this one i can tell you)

we had to get blood tests for our clinic in Spain and our local practise screwed those up, not once but twice, i know people go on about how wonderful our NHS is but after our experience i just don’t see it, incompetence at every level.

for those of you wondering why we are not doing this in the UK i shall explain. The UK has the 3rd worst success rate at IVF treatment where Spain has the 3rd best in europe, second best is in Ukraine, which is not a good choice right now for obvious reasons and i think one of the baltic states is the best option but it’s a little too close to russia if you catch my drift.

we have just found out that my wife is not pregnant and that we still have several frozen eggs left that we can use so we are trying to raise £4000 in the next 6 months hence why i am selling kits, see link below.

Hope it all gets sorted in all fronts :+1:

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i do 15 hour nightshifts and my sleep time was dominated by chasing up doctors, chemists, GP surgeries and blood tests didn’t make for a fun week, along with a man baby sulking was just another turn of screw.

I too hope the next weeks and months go better. Wishing you & your wife the best.

well the idiot at work is getting moved sideways at the earliest opportunity.

Nicola has to stop her medication since the pregnancy didn’t work and we have to have a talk about setting up another round next year. we just need to get 4K saved so it’s gonna be a lean Christmas this year but i appreciate your support.

Good Luck!
We’re rooting for you!
Hoping for a successful outcome!

we’ve got 4 eggs left that are frozen so we are trying to get back for june.


I hope things turn around for you and your wife in your favor soon.

thanks for those kind thoughts we’re praying things get better in 2023.


I hope it gets better for you Klaus - My oldest daughter has been through all that . Tried for several years to start a family with no luck . The first round of IVF took but the she lost the pregnancy under stress of an ongoing lawsuit. Her younger sister got married and became pregnant right away and while we were delighted with the news my heart ached for my older daughter. But she kept at it and the next round , while touch and go for a bit , was successful and she delivered a baby girl 2 months after her younger sister delivered her baby girl. Now I have two beautiful grandchildren.
I’m sure this is stressful on all fronts - keep your chin up and I hope for a happy outcome for you and Mrs .
All the best - Richard


well we have 4 eggs left, 2 are grade B and 2 are grade C so will take it from there, hopefully in June.

Here’s hoping mate- best of luck for the next round of treatment.

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Best of luck, Klaus. Praying things work out for you and your wife.

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@Karl187 @Spitfire thanks guys we really appreciate your kind words.

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