Jeep CJ2 Palmach unit in 1948

Hello guys
Just a few pics of my latest model: a CJ2 in use with the Palmach unit. This unit was created to protect Jews settles against arabs at a time the IDF was just a project.
I used the BVM/Azimut conversion for Italeri old kit. Sadly when i glued the driver resin side and the resin floor i didn’t see the that this later was a bit wrapped.
So the front grill doesn’t fit well! I tried to removed the parts and used a hair-dryer but not enough hot as i cracked it!
Finaly i found easier to rebuild floor and modifying the driver side. The Palmach jeeps are in various configurations and equipments, so i build mine from several pictures.
Figures are from Masterbox, Takom for the driver and the arabs are bad copies of out of products VP .


Nice work!

Looking good. Nice to see a vehicle not often modelled from a time in history not normally covered.

Very nice. It is looking good.

Excellent build!!!

What fantastic work!

Even unpainted it already looks great!

Thanks you all for your kind comments.
The Archer “WILLYS” letters are now on the 2 sides of the bonnet and all is under the primer.
The figures have flesh tones , the jeep will receive a faded Olive Drab this week…
I hopes to do a good painting job.
Have a nice week.

Outstanding job on the build, and figure too. Did you add facial hair with putty ?


Yes Rich, the hair and beard on the driver and the hair on one of the standing guy were done using Tamiya putty.

Excellent job so far!

Excelent proyect, I will folow it.

Fascinating stuff and a great start.

I find all aspects of the IDF very interesting, from their outset to present day.

Regards jason

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Before weathering for the jeep!!


A very nice little model; I must admit that although models of MBTs are inspiring stuff I do enjoy seeing the imaginative efforts that go into these smaller vehicles.

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Everything looks great

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Coming along nicely. Are you sure about the backwards facing arrows on the driver’s side? Shouldn’t they face forwards like on the other side?

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Very nice. I really like the CJ-2A conversion parts. The WILLYS script on the sides of the hood looks great too. Where did you get the lettering?

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Nice scratch work and paint color. Big fan of all things Israeli. :+1: :+1:

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I’d say it looks like letters from Archer’s casting marks set, you can even see the partial sheet below the leaf spring