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Rye Field Model shows a box art image of their upcoming kit, along with two upgrade solutions for it.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/jtlv-and-upgrades-from-rpm

Wait, aren’t solutions something you use to handle problems? Does this mean RFM (not RPM despite the thread title) is putting out problems at the same time as their solutions?

It is not a problem, many modellers are perfectly happy with the plastic parts. If you want to add photoetch and 3D printed wheels, instead of going aftermarket with another brand you can get them from the same manufacturer.
It is a way to let you pay for what you need, and no more.

(title corrected, thanks)

Ups, sorry about the typo in the title… and thanks Carlos for correcting it. :blush:


No radios?

Rye Field Model already has a set for them. Just change the name to JLTV and you are good; same basic radios and a similar rack set-up.

The vehicle is also a JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle), not JTLV as in the post title.

This will be a fun build; if it is anything like their M1240 M-ATV.


It must be one of those days… thanks for noticing another typo, Gino.

Corrected :blush:


Good to hear its a easy fix.

Pretty cool to see the size difference between a HMMWV (left), JLTV (center), and M-ATV (right).

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And that’s not even including the gunner stations. The Army uses the O-GPK (Optimized Gunner Protection Kit) and the Marines use the MCTAGS (Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun Shield).

OGPK turret on an M1117 ASV.

OGPK turret with overhead cover addition.


MCTAGS turret on a USMC M1151 Uparmored Humvee.

Wow great pics. Didn’t know the M1117 used that uparmored turret. Does anyone make that as an aftermarket item? I have the trumpeter kit.

Eduard makes the kit.


Or, you can get your hands on Sprue B and F from Academy’s M1151 Humvee (on eBay).

Oh wow thanks for the info.

I have just noticed that the upcoming kit lacks the raised exhaust installed on the right side, which is on the USMC-specific vehicles I’ve seen:

It appears something, which 3D printing enthusiasts may have to tackle… Hmmm…

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Isn’t it a M1200 Armored Knight ?


It is. The Armored Knigt is based off the M1117 ASV.

Isn’t it a forward observer vehicle?


Formations makes/made a conversion set for it, w/out the armored gunshields.

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