JLTV in 1/35 scale announced?

I’m not sure if this is an official image, but it does seem someone (I Love Kit?) will be releasing JLTV soon?



I happen to have the walk around with interior and engine (removed and in the vehicle) when the time comes…


OMG finally!!

That looks like the way Panda used to set out their artwork previews.
Same people ? Will wait and see on this one .

I wonder what is the difference between this JLTV and the M-ATV as they look quite similar.

I think that the JLTV is lighter for the same level of protection…educated guess.

Yup, here is an article.


As for the kit, I’ll have to wait for the “Inbox Review” before I bite but I am excited…even more so if other kit makers start selling JLTVs.

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I Love Kit is a Trumpeter/Hobby Boss brand, which also sends out artwork like this. They’ve already released numerous kits under the I Love Kit name - some are old kits that Merit released previously under their name (1/35 Diamond T transporters, 1/48 PT boats, 1/35 G5 and X-Craft, etc), while others are brand new like the Atomic Annie, M923/M925 trucks and the M3A1 Lee (all 1/35).

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Trumpeter has bought Panda’s molds…

Should there have been a sound with that post?
Something from a scary spooky ghost story? Maybe from Scooby-Doo?
:laughing: :wink:

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Yes! I’d be taking notice of what Panda had on their to do list and then see if Trumpeter announces the same kit.

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Interesting variant…

The Navy Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System :



Yes, the NMESIS is unmanned and driven by remote-control tether to increase battlefield survivability. It carries two stealthy Naval Strike Missiles with 100 nautical mile range.

This is the Marines’ attempt for active sea denial.

I personally think that this mockup can fire SAMs (AIM-9s or AIM-120s/NASAMS) too if integrated properly.

The JLTV is bigger than a Hummvee but smaller than the M-ATV

Another option for the heavy gun career,

25mm Cockerill turret. Very similar to what the Russians did with their 4x4 Typhoon. Just cooler.


Very cool find, Kylie!

And I like the fact that it can be reloaded from inside the vehicle as not all RWSs allow that. I hope that the US and NATO buys some!

JLTV + Boeing SHORAD launcher + Hellfire missiles =

JLTV equipped with Kongsberg’s LW30 turret toting both an M230LF 30 mm cannon and a Javelin missile


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And, with Spike NLOS…


I’m for a 6x6 JLTV. I think the 6x6 can have many armored uses if acquired such as APC, Command vehicle, K-9 kennel, EOD robot, EW/ECM, laser, C4ISR, SHORAD turret with reloads inside, ammo carrier, etc.

Notice how the man on the right is dwarfed in the larger photo.


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@Newtonk Some interesting USSOCOM news. If true, it will be the first US units to field this modification even though IDF and NATO have it first.


Great find!