Just 3D printed some 1/35 accs. with Elegoo Mars 3

Very nice, except that the nomenclature is stencil painted on the side, not embossed.


They can use a light sanding in a bigger scale - I purposely put there to help guide dry brushing instead of having to deal with decal or dry transfer. Embossing is going to barely show up (under a magnifying glass) in 1/35.

Another suggestion from a different modeler was to indent the letters to see if that looks more realistic by filling in the recess with some paint. I may try that next time. Choices, choices for some rivet counters out there.


Boy, that was a lot resin. :smiley: I’m not even done with printing yet:


M2 ma deuce MG printed so nicely in 1/16 so I had to boast:


Just in time for the Takom/Andy’s HHQ Jeep and Sherman. :+1:

Very nice work.

Hi everyone,
Due to frequent questions, I’ve decided to post another list of available 3D items and prices for each also. Will add that list with photos soon.
Also in response to frequent requests, I’ve created a FB page, which will be used to post my list of available items and prices: P2G3D Corner on FB. Wasn’t planning on it but it was getting a bit too disorganized with so many available items.
There’s nothing really there right now. :slight_smile: Will update soon.

Kind regards,

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Not everything is listed but slowly filling these in:

Item Notes Price (USD) each
10 types of male figure heads $1.00
5 types of female figure heads $1.00
2 types of stretchers $2.00
3 types of backboards $2.00
Folded backboard $2.00
Rescue basket $2.00
Set of 5 types of modern US supplies $7.00
Modern sleeping bag $1.00
3 types of coolers (Coleman style) $3.00
4 types of modern window A/C unit $2.50
Binoculars $0.50
Modern fuel can $1.50
Modern water can $1.50
Oil drum $3.50
Modern US vehicle tow hook a pair $0.50
Modern US vehicle tow pintle a pair $0.50
5 gallon buckets like a Home Depot bucket $0.50
Milk jug 1 gallon plastic jug $0.50
NLAW (Next Generation LAW) $5.00
M72 LAW extended or collapsed $1.00
Plastic baskets/crates Milk crates $2.00
Plastic chairs Plastic lawn chair $2.50
Traffic cones traffic cones $1.00
Traffic barriers Jersey walls $6.50
Metal folding chairs folded $2.00
Metal folding chairs open $2.00
Pelican cases Short $2.00
Pelican cases Long $3.00
MRE pouches $0.50
Hand tool set Power Drill, Hammer, Adjustable Wrench $2.00
SINCGARS radios (RT-1523B/C) $3.00
SINCGARS radios (RT-1523E/F/G) $3.00
AN/PRC-117F radio $3.00
Antenna mast base $0.50
IV bags in clear resin sold as a pair $1.00
M18A1 Claymores $0.50
M136 AT4 $5.00
Chain/load binders $1.00
Javelin set FGM-148 Launcher + missile $8.00
Jerry can holder for vehicles $1.50
M14 rifle $1.00
M48/60 MBT steel type wheel $2.00
M48/60 steel type wheels set of 15 $25.00
M48/60 drive wheel/sprocket sold as a pair $4.00
M48/60 drive wheel housing sold as a pair $4.00
M48 spring bumpers sold as a set $6.00
M48A3 headlight guards sold as a pair $6.00
Leopard 2A5/6 commander’s scope $3.00
M2 50 cal mg $3
M249 mg $2.50
M240 mg or FN Mag $2.50
M67 90mm recoilless rifle $4.00
M20 super bazooka $4.00
M54 gun truck conversion set $10.00


Hi,James,I’m in process of working up an order from your list,here’ a couple of can youse,folded and open cots and both mk18 and mk19 grenade launcher’s,40mm ammo cans both open and closed and if possible separate rounds or belts for same and Vietnam era tow bars.I appreciate you very much,Pete

Oh, and m 60 gun mounts,going to start a what if nam gun truck.,Pete

Hi Pete,
I am a bit backed up with orders so I won’t be able to get to these until November…
Plus, I need to CAD all the following b/c I currently do not have these designs:

  1. Cots
  2. MK18
  3. MK19
  4. M60 mg mounts
  5. Tow bars VN War type

I do have 40mm ammo cans but it needs to be revised to be able to print - showing the ammo belts would take a good amount of work. Let’s touch base next month. Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Dear all,
Just revised the pricing list a little by adding a few more available items.

Kind regards,


I can’t wait to see how the burnt out cars turn out.

Great list John…will definitely be placing an order in the future…also if you need me to make a deposit or something for the Sheridan basket, please let me know how much and a cad of the basket…thanks!

You meant, James or Jim, right? :wink: As to the Sheridan basket, I’m thinking $15 right now but will let you know later when I actually start working on it.
Kind regards,

Lol…at least I got the J part right!

I just received my 3D parts from @James_Lee and I can highly recommend his Customer Service and 3D CAD and printing skills. His printing is top notch and James even took the time and care to cut off the 3D supports, saving me time and effort. The outcome looks great and the printing is awesome. :grinning:

@James_Lee’s resin is light, strong, dark gray, and super detailed. Best of all, @James_Lee can accomplish it too…CAD it, print it, ship it, and deliver. :smiley: It may take some time, but @James_Lee can indeed fulfill your 3D desires and orders.


It’s not a gimmick the high print quality of the 3D printers that @James_Lee has—the print quality is stunningly amazing in how straight, true, strong, light, and detailed that they can print items at that even rivals ETSY and blows away Shapeways’ resin. @James_Lee resin do not smell.

I highly recommend both @James_Lee. :smiley: Treat him right, have patience, and he will work with you to get the job done.

I’d order and/or hire @James_Lee again.


Totally agree,He printed something for me and it turned out unbelievable!Can’t wait for my other order to be shipped as well.So worth it!