Just 3D printed some 1/35 accs. with Elegoo Mars 3

Hi all,
Just printed some 1/35 accessories with my newly acquired Elegoo Mars 3. Amazed at how detailed these prints can be. The possibilities are endless, and with this, I may not have to buy aftermarket accs. anymore.
If anyone wants the STL files for these, PM me, and I’ll freely share the love. :slight_smile:

M2 50 cal mg cooling jacket - captured the holes nicely!

Leopard 2A6E track cleats.

Here’s what the real thing looks like, and it captured the shape nicely in my view (photo credit to Prime Portal):

Next, I’ll be printing out some 1/35 Leopard 2A5/6 indiv. track links, figure heads, 16 oz. coolers, and a/c units for buildings.

For those who may have STL files for M48/60 MBT steel wheels or M60 indiv. tracks, and would like to share, can you let me know? :slight_smile:


Looking great, I’m actually running a tiny T-55AM through my Halot One now.

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Made some more after market parts today. Having too much fun. :smiley:

Leopard 2 indi track (more like a link and connect). The detail is of course more simplified than Tamiya’s rubber kind but they seem useful as spare tracks or to replace the awful old Italeri or Revell tracks.

Tubes? for M48 or M60 MBT air cleaners, which look more accurate than the kit-supplied ones.

Small cooler and window A/C unit for dioramas

Refrigerator, electric stove, cooler (messy print), small bathtub, and some figurines for my children of course. :slight_smile:

Some more M2 50 cal. MG cooling jackets. Came out nicely again.

Printed out some heads, and the detail was just as good as an injection molded face. Not at the level of resin but I do not think I’ll need to buy resin replacement heads anymore.

Another comparison with an old Tamiya tanker.

Almost out of the first bottle of 3D photo resin. ROI not there yet. :smiley:


More 1/35 accessories printed. The details are insane. Pleasantly surprised.

M48/60 steel wheels - more accurate than any plastic offerings in my opinion.

M249 SAW:

Bunch of AK-74s, soda can, machine gun stand attachment, and M4

MP5K and AK-74

Small chains, MP5, binoculars, and other accs.



Any chance you could do some M14 rifles? I am interested in a few.

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Hi Gino,
I certainly can try. Here’s a CAD file of M14 rifle I have but this one does not look as detailed as other files I have for weapons:

Not sure how it will turn out in 1/35. Let me know what you think.

Awesome to see you getting these great results! I’m taking notes :wink:

It looks pretty basic. There should be a lot more details around the top of the handguard and the breech/rear sight.

Here are some good pics if they help.

I definitely agree, Gino. It’s quite crude. Hold on, I got another CAD coming that may be more detailed.

Ask and knock, you shall receive!

What do you think?

One more view:

Not sure how much detail will show up in 1/35, but I can certainly print a couple and see. The tip of the barrel may be too weak - I have had several break off while washing before curing.

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That looks much better. I am interested to see how they print up as well.

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I’ll give it a try tonight, and will post some photos tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Question from another, much less experienced printer @James_Lee :

What angle are you printing these rifles at in 1/35 scale? I put my C7 at 45°.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Dennis,
I have been putting them in 15-30 degree angles b/c 45 degrees turned out too high for some of them - the supports may damage the thin barrels. I am also laying some smaller M4 carbines down on their left side b/c raising them on Y-axis caused the supports to either hide the magazine or damage the barrel. Besides, the left side is not going to show if a figure (right-handed) is holding the rifle - does it make sense?
It has been all trial and error so far - no hard rules here. Hope this helps.
Let me know if you want to exchange any STL files.

Kind regards,

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That’s great advice, and totally makes sense. I’m going to be printing a C7, which isn’t too dissimilar from some of the things you’ve been printing, but in 1/100 scale. Replacing the barrel with a bit of brass tubing is all but guaranteed.

And I’d be glad to swap STLs! I’m doing Canadian figures that can be posed right now, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here are the prints from last night. Let me know what you think:

A few M14s came out a bit thinner than I wanted.

This Javelin missile launcher STL was free - has inaccuracies as compared to the costly one.

1/35 Shelby Cobra engine came out very nicely. :smiley:


The M14s look great to me. I’ll take 8 if you can. PM me payment details.

Can you do Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz?

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Sorry, not planning to do any figures at this time, and no WWII German items either.

Mars 3 is very nice printer indeed :slight_smile:

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