WTT my 3D printed items for a Sherman kit or a modern subject in 1/35

Any of you want to trade your dust-collecting M4 Sherman in 1/35 (any M4 series A0-A4 whichever. All brands fair game: Academy, Dragon, Asuka, Tamiya, Zvezda, and even old Italeri, Testor, and Revell) for some of my 3D printed items? It could even be missing a few parts or accessories: tracks, machine guns, figures, road wheels, stowage b/c I can easily replace them.

I want to try some of my accessories on it (especially the 3D printed casting marks) so don’t want to spend the money for an R&D activity.

I am open to any 1/35 modern subjects, too.

Bartering only and no cash exchanges. Each pays for own shipping. US only please.

My latest of 3D prints are shown here: 3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God - #263 by James_Lee and a WIP pricing list here: Just 3D printed some 1/35 accs. with Elegoo Mars 3 - #108 by James_Lee.

Thank you for looking.

Kind regards,

ive got stuff to trade , email me and Ill send some pics, i was just compiling stuff for sale for the next show so i have it all in a pile! ( lots of modern, some allied ww2 with accessories) , some ukraine 2022 stuff and IDF stuff and some sci fi. drop me a line and we will work something out since you know how much i love your stuff!

I’ve just gmailed you.

Trade initiated. Case closed. Thank you all who responded.

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