K tinga Class Bird of Prey

I recently picked up the 1/350 scale K tinga class Bird of prey .
Also picked up 200 led’s and the wiring with switches and battery packs .
Does anyone have any reference on the light layout for thw K tinga

Here’s a link to download the instruction sheet for the offshelf light kit. Maybe that will help a little.

Klingon K’tinga - Light Kit Instructions PDF



Actually yes that does help. I opted to fabricate my own set , just thought the factory set was lacking a bit.

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Good deal. I glanced at the instructions and while nice, the factory light kit looked a bit basic. Look forward to seeing the custom version:)

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keep us posted on your build progress please!

I think it’s a good excuse to rewatch TMP. The opening scenes are just about the best shots of the K’Tinga we ever got to see.

Will be interesting to see how it all comes together. Always wanted to light a model but always unsure about where and how to start.
A while back I planned on building the Fujimi kit of Deckard’s Sedan from Blade Runner with a light system. It got so confusing about where and how to put them in the cramped space, I put it away to rethink the whole project. And that’s without the whole conundrum of what colour the car was painted!

Thanks guys . This is my first time lighting a kit

Chris, what’s your thoughts on the Paragrafix 1/350 K’Tinga Photoetch Set PGX218 that’s intended for the lighted version of the K’tinga?



Its just me but i would skip it and add some clear to the inside

@Armor_Buff . This is what im planning to use to diffuse and alter the led lights a bit.
It is essentially colored clear styrene . Available on amazon.


@Armor_Buff . If you like I can send you a list of materials I am using . It is probably to much to add here and would just clog and disrupt the post

Thank you Chris, but I just blundered into the 1/350 PE parts for the K’tinga battle crusier when searching for 1/350 PE parts various battlecrusiers aka HMS Hood , HMS Renown & KM Scharnhorst.

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Ah ok . Yeah I was gona say that dont let me be a bad influence and skip pe in preference for scratch work.

Make sure you light seal the whole inside with a black color, this will help to prevent the light from coming through the plastic where you don’t want it too. This tip was from a buddy who lighted a Bandai Tie Fighter.


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Good point. I was planning on channeling the light also

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FWIW - This probably won’t apply to the LED’s and lights being used etc but there are some lightsources bright enough shine through a couple of layers of black paint.

I learned this the hardway lighting a Star Trek The Motion Picture- USS Enterprise back in 1979-1980. Luckily, I tested the saucer in a dark room before gluing it together. Had to line the insides of the model with aluminum foil to get the model light tight.


@Chris_Bryan Chris you are a bad influence…mine should arrive Saturday



No lights for me


I do try.
I started mine earlier while waiting in stuff to dry on the m18

I have already added 65 more port windows … This thing will glow like 3 mile island.


@Armor_Buff . If you have any questions with yours let me know … There are a couple parts so far that are not real clear.