Kill switches in cars

a dream for evil hackers, imagine being able to shut down cars in the middle of rush hour, gridlocked cities in the US.

Hang on to your old cars …

I can legally drive drunk in an emergency, BUT only as long as the emergency lasts

You’re driving the kids to school on a rainy day; slick roads and jerky drivers cause you to swerve a bit on the highway.

Car thinks you’re drunk, and now you and the upset kids are on the side of the highway waiting for the Kill Switch patrol to come arrest you for DUI.

The new series coming this January to Netflix.

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When I read the thread title, I thought this was about anti theft switches. Hidden switches are installed in vehicles to counter hot wiring and screwdrivers in the ignition to steal your car.

The video features the foil hat karen saying government control far too many times :rofl:




Which fits nicely into the 2030- and the technocratic 15-minute city-agendas.
You drive too much. Stop.
You are about to leave your designated area. Stop.
You do not have enough social credit score. Stop.

Of course all hidden under the “safety & security”-sauce.


AFAIK all hybrid and electrical cars have physical kill switches/plugs to turn of the high voltage so the firemen or other emergency services don’t get killed in case of a crash or other accident…

From a governmental traffic safety standpoint she is not wrong. It is not far leap from general that is a good idea help people to Authoritarian control. Just look at covid responses from China to other “free” countries. Doesn’t take a foil hat to see lengths a government can go in the name of X.

Back to vehicles. There is a major push for years to reduce vehicle deaths.

COVID lockdown had the opposite effect on highway safety.
NHTSA Early Estimates: 2022 Traffic Crash Deaths | NHTSA.

Governments move slowly but if you drive around you will see a number of small changes to roads to help decrease accidents. Things like the Michigan J turn (etc names), ie changing where you can turn left.

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On a serious note, had a friend that was real life a very aggressive driver. He never hesitated to cut off a newer expensive vehicle. The state of the art accident avoidance system automatically forced the newer vehicle(s) to brake. He’d make an abrupt lane changes etc.

All of the stability control, traction control & antilock braking systems just enabled him to driver closer to the edge and be more aggressive.

It was pretty hilarious when he ran a clueless driver into a concrete retaining wall on the interstate in merge traffic. He wouldn’t move over and it ended in an accident. Other driver was found at fault.

Most recent, a sports car vs pick up truck encounter that ended with the sports car totaled in a corn field. Rumors abound of shots fired by both drivers.

Can’t wait for him to be able to buy a black box off of ebay so he can hack and activate someones kill switch…that would definitely help make driving safer…not

On serious note, want to make driving safer?

  1. Get the bad aggressive drivers off of the road and keep them off of it.

  2. Crack down on sleep deprivation and driving.

  3. Crack down on all cellphone use if vehicle is moving.

  4. Crack down on impared substance abusing drivers

  5. Require driver education.

It’s a people and training issue not a technology issue.


If “substances” have been involved in an accident the penalty for the driver at fault should be doubled.
Around here it is almost a mitigating circumstance (too drunk to drive and crushed a bicycling grandma and grandchild → reduced sentence due to not being able to react properly).
Alcoholism is seen as a disease (psychological disability?) so those “suffering” from it can’t really be blamed for their actions (makes my blood boil).
The driver should have been executed right there and then and dumped in the ditch.
Hmmm, run over some alcoholist driver and then empty half a bottle of whisky before the cops arrive?

If we want to stop drug or alcohol impaired drivers then we should make alco-locks mandatory.
Maybe with an emergency override whcih needs to be validated by an investigation afterwards (I can drunk drive to hospital with an injured person but I can’t move the car one inch after the injured person has been handed over to the hospital)


A Dope-Head Test interlock for the driver every time would probably end US traffic congestion in many areas.

Likewise, a Get High, Get in an Accident, Get someone killed, Get Excuted campaign would help too.

Call it the Terminal Bad Judgment program.