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Happy to continued with the 109x project today . Unless that i am not realy in the mod for that, it went okay , started with some black paint over silver ( revell enamel ) i finished the first step today with a lot of acryl over it .
Let it dry slow till next evening and than save it with my favorite Marabu clear mat coat for further work.

And have to work out some signs on it .


Go for it! I’m constantly advocating the building of SF subjects from spares and scrap on this and other boards. I rarely buy kits for this purpose unless they are dirt cheap or at least offered at a substantial discount. But you will find the contents of your “Bitz Box” (or boxes!) will go a lot further if supplemented by other styrene items which can be glued together with the cement that you use to assemble your kits. Sheet styrene and shapes intended for scratch builders are an obvious resource but there are other items which deliver more “bang for your buck”. I’ve learned from a visit to Bouq’s site these builds are called a “Trash Bash” as many useful items can be derived from household waste such as ballpoint bodies, disposable razor handles and the like. However, I’m not above buying in items from the local bargain supermarkets where the Party Accessories section can be particularly rewarding; the picture below has plastic shot glasses, “Test Tubes”, Bubble Wand containers, mini “Slinkies” and of course plastic cutlery. I’ve been advised to broaden my horizons and look at CD cases and the like…


The following photos are of a model (to use the term loosely) I made from such items and stuff from the “Crafting” section which can provide small regular shapes that can be used to add surface detail (called “Greebling” when using kit parts). This was done for a GB (this Board or another, I can’t remember now) and to demonstrate that such an item can be made entirely without using any kit parts…







Oh , THAT is COOL :+1::hammer_and_wrench:

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Very very cool builds :+1:

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Here is my last project , the Me 109 XXX , finished yesterday . Two days ago one of the wings broke in parts near the finish line .


Nice builds! Really enjoying the fruits of your imagination.


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There is more done last week , finished two new models , this is a 262 ground tank .