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Kinetic model remains active at 1/35 scale as well, their new project is an US Law Enforcement Carrier.

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Interesting. That is a cool take on how MRAPs have been distributed. I wonder what else the kit will include. It is an interesting way for Kinetic to come back as well. I pretty much thought they were dead. Hopefully they will continue with this product line. Some new SWAT/Police figures and other vehicles would be nice.


I confess to being intrigued. Maybe a US modeller can let me know what sort of opposition does the average US police department come across to justify this sort of vehicle?. It looks more like something you’d send to Ukraine. Or is this a fantasy Judge Dredd concept?.

This type of vehicle is used by US SWAT/Emergency Response Teams to carry them into situations where they could be fired upon. They allow them to get in close to the potential shooter then deploy to neutralize him.

Some examples.

A couple “in use” examples.

There are some who are against them being used as they give the police an “unfair advantage”. So what? They should have every advantage possible to kill/capture criminals.


Intimidation factor also.I don’t believe that they are allowed to be armed with battlefield weapons.

May need to try one of these.

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What would they say about this one ? :wink:



The old Dragon Police/SWAT figures would work well with it. They may need a bit of updating (helmets, weapons, etc.) but would be very usable.

Like this excellent example from last year.


I love it!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was awesome.

It was used as a propaganda piece though, not to deploy SWAT.

No, they are not. That was the one issue with the dio above. The .50 cal should not be up top. Most SWAT teams place a sniper with a rifle up top, or no one at all.

Most agencies rarely if ever will need such a vehicle for an actual situation. But when they do, they will need it real bad. Look for the North Hollywood Shootout of the late 1990’s to see when such a vehicle was needed and not in the inventory. At one point in the firefight, LAPD officers had to commandeer a money delivery armored car to extract wounded officers and civilians while under fire. Due that event and others in the late ‘90’s such as Columbine, policies began to change giving patrol officers more tactical equipment to utilize on scene immediately rather than sit & wait for a SWAT team.


Yep, not needed till it is really needed. Even have one in my small town. Sits at the Fire Station and not used much. One of the down sides for the police, like some foreign groups, getting the equipment is one thing, maintenance is a whole different issue and cost.

As for the kit. I will probably get one to go with the LA SWAT set I have.

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Scalemates says a rebox of the 2014 kit that you did a review of.

Kinetic has been around just focusing on aircraft.

Yes, it looked to be a good kit. I meant the Law Enforcement take on this vehicle. Hopefully it will have a few new items inside, like the LED light bar shown on the box top.

Also, hopefully they will get back in the 1/35th game with more/new kits. I know I sent them lots of info on Bradleys and the M992 FAASV. Fingers crossed.

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We have one, and it is better than not having anything. Good for high threat scenarios and also rescue situations under fire. Maintenance is a big issue and half the time it is needed it is not working. The rear ramp is very slow to move up and down. It was “purchased” for under $100 as we aren’t allowed to get anything for free. Most folks don’t seem to understand that police are almost entirely reactive by nature. Bad guys seem to have access to all the weapons they want and need. Tools like this allow police to get right into the event if needed and still have protection.


None of the Dragon 1/35 S.W.A.T. figures are recommended today because S.W.A.T.s have done away with the MP5 submachine gun as being too underpowered with the 9mm bullet.

Best bet would be to go with Live-Resin US SOF figures and forgo the SEAL NVGs. M4 carbines are the preferred “long gun” for S.W.A.T.

The S.W.A.T. MRAP looks very interesting. Too bad there is no 1/35 lightbar included, but the real photos don’t show one anyway.

Raymond is indeed working on bringing back more 1/35 items. I like to think he drew his inspiration from this, which is appears several times in my Maxx-Pro walk around:

There were no interior changes in this one. By the way, the 747 image walk around featuring ALL Maxx Pro variants is still available. PM me if interested.

By the way, SWAT likes to wear Ops-Core helmets now. Even the jackasses at Uvalde wore them for some odd reason. You wanna dress like an operator, act like one.


Like I said…

…they may need a bit of updating (helmets, weapons, etc.).

Very little justification, the federal government hands them out for next to nothing to local law enforcement as a sort of recycle/don’t waste equipment program. There are extreme cases where they are beneficial, but they are few and far between spread all over the country. The natural side effect is overkill, where the mentality is simply ‘we have it, might as well use it’ takes over. I vaguely recall a case in NY where an arrest warrant was issued for something like a DUI, the guy holed up and had half his house ripped off by one of these. House was condemned, rest of the family had to find new accommodations on their own dime. Simply unnecessary.

It sounds like another case of the suspect bringing what happened upon themselves. If he had simply complied w/police when they attempted to apprehend him for breaking the law, none of the above would have happened. As in 99% of these cases you hear about, the suspect resisted, fought the police, barricaded themselves in their house, etc., thus bringing the harsh response on themselves. He is the one who caused his house to be condemned and his family to be without a house. The suspect failed to consider any of that when he first selfishly committed a DUI (placing anyone on the road in danger) and then when he didn’t think about his family by barricading himself and making the police come and get him.

Additionally, if you have ever been under fire, you may see the justification for these vehicles.


In many of these cases, the perpetrators have been schizophrenic, mentally challenged, or in a few instances deaf. I suppose they deserved what they got, eh?
I venture that few people on this board enjoy shooting people in the face more than I do, when necessary. The reason not everyone does what I, and others like me do, is because you have to have the skills to know when to shoot, and when to use those other skills people seem to lack these days.

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It’s exceptionally rare when someone who goes out and does the felonies that warrant these responses is deaf. Mental conditions do tend to be more common and often are the result from habitual excessive illegal drug use from substances such as meth. Mentally challenged folks are somewhere in between. Some born with it, some as a result of incidents in their life, again often due to poor life choices previously. And then there is always that one in a million guy who has none of the above and does bad stuff for no known reason at that time.
In the long run, cops are human, reflect upon the department and how much that department is willing to invest in their hiring screening, training, and equipment, and they all want to fulfill the first rule of the job - go home alive at the end of your shift. All the bad guy has to do is follow the directions of the cop, give up without fleeing and resisting, and go with the program peacefully if caught. Then everybody goes to bed alive.