Kitty Hawk MH-60S build is FINISHED

Finished the Kitty Hawk 1/35 MH-60S. I went with HSC-6 “Screamin Indians” paint theme. Now, mu version is not 100% accurate to the real thing. As discussed earlier, the riding Indian is incorrect in this kit. There is another aircraft that has this riding Indian on it. Second, the “S” is missing on the HC-6 decals. So with that said, I added the engine air intake covers and the M197 Gatling Gun. Also not, the “war paint” decal that goes on the nose does not fit correctly. So what I did was cut the nose portion off from the door portion and hand painted the blue and red stripes by hand with the white dots that are misaligned. Lastly, in most photo’s I found, the extra fuel tank inside the cargo area is seen, but the kit extra fuel tank is wrong, so I didn’t add it. Sorry, one more thing. Since this is the fuselage from the Pavehawk kit, it does not have the tail hinges to fold the tail as in all Navy birds.


Looks awesome!
You certainly captured that grimy Navy look.

that’s a remarkable build you’ve done there, well done indeed

Very nice. It came out great.