La locomotiva T3

Hello everyone, the next work will be a self-construction of a steam locomotive to be inserted in a diorama. Perhaps there will also be another railway wagon, but we will see this later. So I started with the most complex parts, that is the wheels, and to build them I made a plastic prototype to obtain resin clones.
That’s it for now, see you next time.


I had thought of building a Franco-Prussian War diorama incorporating a locomotive. No suitable kits available though! This one looks about the right period?

But look I think so, the locomotive dates back to the early 1900s, and from what I know it has been in use in many states in Europe. And from what I understand (but I think you already know) the Trumpeter makes a couple of 1/35 scale locomotives, but they are German and much larger than mine.
And lastly, the locomotive was also called “the Prussian”
And in the meantime I cast the first resin wheel and it doesn’t seem bad to me …


Thanks, that’s interesting. Build is looking good so far, I will follow with interest!

Off to a good start… but maybe the wrong forum? Should this not be in railway modelling… ?

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This locomotive and perhaps a few other railway wagons will also be part of a military-themed diorama.

Hello everyone, the wheels are done and now the work goes to the frame.
I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy 2022.


I love it when someone breaks the mould, not literally, and scratch builds. The wheels look good, and if you can do those, everything else should be a breeze.

Hello and thanks to everyone, in the meantime I started with the construction of the frame so that I could start the more complex work of the wheel levers.


Well done! Take a look here - maybe you will need something …

Awesome Scratch Build going on here…CornBeer


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Nice start! Definitely looking forward to following this one.

Hi and thanks everyone, I’m getting on with the big shots and leaving the details for the end.


great work :clap: :clap: :clap:

high level of scratch …as usual!

Thank you all, and now comes the hard part … the wheel levers.


Hi guys, today we start the plungers.


Hello everyone, here are the first pieces obtained from the mold.


Beautiful scratch work man , beautiful !!!

Hello everyone, let’s proceed with the plungers.