Ladders & Railings ~ Custom - Sized to Fit

Tricks and Advice ~ Making Custom Ladders & Railings for your scale models: – All Scales

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My latest project: Porch railings are coming for a Rustic Cabin in O Scale:

Lots of “Nuln Oi” Black Shader applied to that roof. Also to the gray plastic “stone” chimney. Then the exterior walls got painted a far more “woodsy” Dark Green shade.
The railings are all just digital artwork for the moment but hopefully soon they will be real!

. Railing Cross-Section

~ Anyone know who manufactured this structure kit originally? ~

I think it was originally intended as an S/O scale kit. (Plasticville Maybe???) I had some foam “stone” foundation material so I raised the entire structure 5/8 inch to bring it more into the O Scale World.

Michael, this is great!! I’ve been looking for something like this. I have Tichy and other ladders, but this is a great post. Thanks,

I’ve searched some but can’t find your cabin maker. Sorry. But looking good.

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Fred I have never seen this kit before and there was no maker’s marks to be found anywhere of the structure parts???