Lanchester Armored Car RNAS

This the Copper State Models kit in 1/35th scale. It was a pleasure to build. I was especially impressed by the delicately molded wire wheels. A PE replacement set is available, but not any real improvement, IMHO. There is no interior detail provided. My only complaint is that several exterior details were omitted. They provided the bucket holding bracket, but not the bucket. The retaining strap for the box on the right side of the body was missing. And there should have been some mud guards that extend from the toolbox/fenders to the rear bed. CSM does offer them as a part of a separate PE ‘upgrade’ set. They were however easily scratch-built.

The driver’s armored visor was meant to be closed, but I preferred it open. So I added the missing center roof support and the hold-open bracket. The crewman having his cuppa and biscuit is from CSM. They make several different figures to go with this kit. I added a driver that is barely visible, just a Hornet head on a spare torso. Thanks for looking, questions and comments are welcomed.


Excellent job on this little gem!

I hope I do as well on their Minerva kit when I get around to it.

This is just a beautiful model Al. Perfectly executed and I love the subtle weathering.

Really nice work Albert. Especially the finish and weathering.

The omisions are a bit annoying, but as you say, fairly easy to replace. The only ones I’m struggling to find replacements for are the headlights.

Thanks, Robin.

Thanks, Gary. I look forward to seeing your Minerva.

Thank you, Matt. High praise and much appreciated.

Thanks, Stephen.

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Lovely little model, and I’m a great fan of soldiers drinking tea!

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Thanks, Brian. If you could see the driver, he looks slightly annoyed at his crewmate for taking his time, and savoring his tea.

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Maybe the driver was told he couldn’t have any because he was driving …

Beautiful job all around Al!

Could be, perhaps the tea had a bit o’ somethin’ in it.

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Thank you, Richard.

The old National Service rumour was that the tea was always laced with Bromide as a sexual-urge suppressant; the same rumour prevailed when I was in Junior Leaders - it certainly did taste strange!

(Junior Leaders was a British Army initiative whereby by 15 year-olds could join the Army until 17½ then hit adult service fully qualified)

There was a similar rumor here in the States when I was a kid. But I’ve forgotten the particulars.

When I did my military service (Sweden) the rumour was that the pea-soup was laced with something de-sexing …

If it was true then I suppose it made sense - 600-odd teenagers with hormones raging were not to be taken lightly! But in all honesty, with at least 3 hours a day on the barrack square doing drill, PT, assault courses, cross country marches, let alone the endless cleaning and polishing, I don’t think we had that much spare energy anyway!

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Psst, a word to the wise: The secret chemicals didn’t work …