Large Scale Jeep Upgrades from AFV Modeller | Armorama™

AFV Modeller released two upgrades for Takom's Willys in 1/16 scale.

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Wow; those sagged tires look amazing. This might just put me over the edge to try my hand at a large scale build of my own. :+1:

That they do but they cost as much as the kit, oof.

well darn! :sob:

Would someone post a side-by-side comparison of the kit vs resin tires?

And I love the cal .50. WIll the retaining chains for the pintle and cradle be included?

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Here is a build of the Takom 1/16 Jeep to compare.

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The detail on the ammo belt is incredible.


yeah they’r nice . but very expensive.
the 50 cal. Mg is 38 pounds ?
the wheels are 60 pounds?
not shure i think it’s pounds not euros
Check it out at

M2 BMG - 38 GBP = 43.30 EUR = 47.15 USD

Sagged Tires - 60 GPB = 68.38 EUR = 74.44 USD

Yeah! that’s pricey.

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Wow, those are some pricey items.