Law catches up with "Internet Hobbies"

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Seemingly about timeโ€ฆ 2 years!!!

Good to hear, those scum ruin the hobby for a lot of newcomers

Could NOT be happier with this news. Long time coming.

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They earned their terrible reputation one customer at a time. Way over due.

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Throw them in the slammer - AFTER they pay everyone back !

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EXCELLENT !!! They were the worse !!

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Thatโ€™s odd. Iโ€™ve purchased several items in the past without a hitch. They had an opportunity to take my money here, but did not. Just lucky I guess. :slight_smile:

Maybe they knew , by that time, they were being investigated ? But they were hoorrible !

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I think beyond their dishonesty their system actually recognized first time buyers and gave them good service to bait the hook . I pre ordered the Tamiya P 38 from them at a very good price - the first time I had used them and knew nothing of their reputation. I actually received it ahead of time . My next order was the stuff of nightmares- they pulled EVERY scam with me that others suffered .
Finally had to sic my credit card company on them .


Well what ever the maximum punishement is , I hope they get it !

After super gluing their hands and fingers together, toss the wankers in Gen-pop and let the fun begin!

Like this?

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Exactly. !