Lead wire availability

Lead wire, in various thickness, is useful for wiring in just about any model that needs some engine detailing. But modeler’s lead wire isn’t always available, especially in the size that you currently need. I recently (maybe I’m late to the party?) discovered an amazing source of various sizes available from fly-fishing shops that sell DIY materials, for under $5. Lengths are at least 10 ft (I didn’t unwind it just to see!). Lead wire from .010 (very fine) to .035 - good for wiring, and hoses from 1/72 to 1/35 (and beyond!). Water, and fuel hoses in 1/35 can be made from suitable solder wire. Now, if I could find a cheap source for sheet lead I would be a happy camper!
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Those in the know (tapping side of nose) have known about this for at least 30 years :wink:

Thanks for the reminder and for telling those that have not been let in on this jealously guarded
secret. Now every Tom, Dick & Harry will be able to use lead wire to improve their models and
boost their chances in competitions :grin:


Now what about lead foil??
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So I tie flies also and have found not only my lead wire being handy but the tinsels for rifle straps on 1/35 (if only my skin tones looked as nice as the slings!). I also have ribbing material that’s round so it makes nice hoses and works w CA and regular liquid cements. fine brass wire is used for segmenting bodies on wet flies and nymphs, perfect for finer wires and small conduit (makes nice brake lines on 1/48th aircraft too. I noticed model supply stores have their own version of the “pink tax” when it comes to stuff like this. Btw lead weights in the fishing department are cheap for counterbalancing kits when needed.

If it’s one stop shopping you’re after, the fishing shop sells lead strip for sinkers (about 1/2mm thick). You can thin it in a smooth jawed vice or give it a thump with a flat faced automotive body hammer. While lacking finesse, a ball peen hammer works just as well.
For inexpensive, 3M makes lead tape for balancing rackets and golf clubs and the sticky stuff comes off fairly well with Goo-Gone or equivalent.
For high end. A number of wineries still use foil on their bottle - it’s tin now, not lead - but by the time the bottle’s finished the difference isn’t a concern. :wine_glass: :grin: And it’s kind of free.



I just looked at 3M’s tape and their price has increased dramatically. Other brands are still a decent price.

Well, you’ve got me foiled there …

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Another possible option depending on what you want to make, HVAC tape.


I prefer lead over most other metals and plastics because lead has absolutely NO memory, and can be folded, curled, and rippled with no sharp-edged crinkles such as with brass or aluminum, and even thin plastic would rather crack than bend. For rifle slings I could flatten fine lead wire and get a consistent width, and thin strip. But I would rather have sheet lead for flags, and for one project, that has held me up on, is the canvass dodgers on a 1/72 S-boat. I have considered duct tape, but it is a bit too crinkly for my taste! :pouting_cat:
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Solder or fuse wire is the best in my opinion. It can be found in most hardware stores and comes in a multitude of sizes. It can be bent and finessed as needed as well.

Ummm…does solder come in thicknesses of .010"? Although, like I said, it is useful for thicker hoses and piping.
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When it is called fuse wire it does.

“Fuse Wire - 0.5A - 0.010” Dia. - 1308 Feet Per 0.5 Pound Spool"


Try masterpiecemodels.com. They have a sweet corrugating tool,and also supply (what they call,tri-foil)
Looks like the same stuff I used to get from Verdi den.sells for 12$ and change for two sheets 6x7inches,you also get one sheet with the tool,that costs almost 30$

Hmmm…is that thin sheet lead, or heavy gauge aluminum foil (like for baking sheets, pie plates, etc.)? :thinking:
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Boggles,this stuff is far from any tin foil I’ve ever scene.tho they do call it foil.it’s thin and pliable to me lt resembles the old virlinden lead sheet.search corr-u-gator, on you tube,that’s where I found.Masterpiecemodels, is the company name if you search the web

Sorry my bad,I meant Biggles​:yum: :liberia: