Lengthening Tamiya liquid cement brush

Hi glue sniffers,
I remember having seen a post somewhere here that showed how to treat those applicator brushes so they more or less touch the bottoms of their bottles.
Forgot how to do that - does anybody else have a better memory or an own idea? Size does matter here!

When I buy a new bottle, I just pour some of it into the old bottle so that the length of the brush never comes into play.

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I think the stem of the brush actually telescopes if you pull on it.


Extending Tamiya Glue Brush


Thanks a lot, Gary - that’s what I had in mind!

That extended brush is still a few inches to short to reach into the far corners of the inside of a 1/35 tank model.
Now you may ask yourselves: “Why does stupid schmuck want to reach into the insides when the joint can be glued from the outside?”
Well, Schmuck has figured out that he prefers any remotely possible glue stains to be on the inside of the joint instead of the outside.

A small cheap brush works perfectly for me.


Was it acetone or what, I damaged the tip of the brush… joining the hairs…
So I imagined cutting the tip to have a new tip ! But I just obtained a feather duster… !


That’s what I do. I have a set of brushes from Hobby Lobby that has a small, medium and large size and they are only used to apply thin cement or MEK. I think the set was only about $4.

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All this time and never knew it extended. SMH.

I just pull the cap brush and use a red sable for just that purpose.


The brush for Tamiya glue fits onto a toothpick.