Let's see our Stash

Bribery and love and blindsiding some one… Great tactics Matt lol :ring::+1:

Here’s my stash, which stands at 433 unbuilt kits, plus numerous AM items, as of today. It’s roughly half armor and half aircraft, with some scifi and car models thrown in. I’ll need a couple of lifetimes to build them all.



That’s hardcore! Much respect!
Love the website.

Many cool kits. A++

Ooook I thought about posting mine but given the levels reached maybe it is better that I give up, i have probably a dozen kits and figures… :woozy_face:

But the good thing is that the next time my wife complains about my kits I show her this tread … :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the compliments. Feel fre to ask for info on a build. If I have info i share. No problem.

Already did that :grinning:
Not that I’m impressed, but it didn’t change her attitude towards my hobby :wink:

Ok, thanks guys - I feel just a little less guilty about my overstuffed closet of possibilities…!


@TimReynaga, dude, do you really need all those clothes :joy:


Maybe you should consider seeking professional help for that obsessive clothes collecting, can’t be healthy … :wink: :grin:


Wife yelling: “If you buy one more model kit…it’s Divorce!”

Man thinking: ‘I wonder how many kits I can store in her vacant closet space when she goes…?’

My stash is nowhere near as large as some of you. I thought 300 kits was a respectable level. All mine are stored in boxes, with the few at the top of the build list in cupboards in my modelling room.

Yikes! :man_facepalming:

Sensible of you, 300 is plenty
I still can’t resist all those shiny new kits of subjects that we could only dream about 10-15 years ago.
Two or three new kits each from Tamiya and Italeri in a good year …

How about this stash


Now THAT makes me feel like a minor leaguer! :crazy_face:

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Well, it all depends on if that big heap is solid or hollow. The guy standing on the top must be standing on something else than kits

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@Tojo72 damn dude, what are you doing in my house lol

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ME: “I want that one, yeah the one at the bottom that you can just see through here, right in the centre of the pile…”
Vendor: " Okay, that will be $5 plus $380 handling fee…"

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Let’s play model kits Jenga😃


Actually it is more like playing model kits Tetris trying to fit as many kits you can in the space you have.

:beer: :robot: :beer:


Tetris trying to get stuff into the stash
Jenga trying to get to that box at the bottom of the stash