Let's see our Workbench

" covered in crap"…yep.

No flat surface goes unfilled.


@Panzer_modeler Don’t sweat it about how large or small your overall space is…

In the end, we ALL work in the same sized space with averages less than the size of dinner plate! I built many models when I was you age on a similar desk in my bedroom. Later, as an adult, there were times when all the space I could use was a temporary spot on the dining room table, and I can tell you that at those times, I really missed my old bedroom desk!

Now I have all the studeo space I could ever use, and guess what? I still do all my work in that same little space, about 8" square, that we all wind up working in! LOL!

Happy modeling!

Many years in another forum I suggested an IBB (In the Box Build) as a complement to OOB.

Base kit + as much AM stuff as you want and can fit in the original box.
Very simple rules:
Sprues and parts may be held in your hands while working on them but MUST be put inside the box afterwards, held in hands or resting in box but never on or in anything else.

Paints and tools can be kept outside the box, dang hard to get the compressor in that box …
Hold kit/parts while painting or paint inside the box

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Your not building big enough kits, the Revell Uboat could handle it. :crazy_face:

Not my compressor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Covered with crap in my case…

My actual working space is 10 cm(4 inches) left and right from the Tamiya’s Extra Thin in front…


And I am glad your Golden Memories radio truck is in a prime location Angel :+1: :grin:


1/35 Dora?

How big is your compressor?

Yes- it is, John!
All other projects are brushed to the side, in the paint boot.


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Decided to stay away from the Dora

So the box is big enough but the house isn’t. I understand the problem.

Well, I’ve got to say - some of you folks have some pretty full on work spaces! I, on the other hand, something a bit more modest - lol:

Yep, I squeeze an awful lot of model building out of that little space, race cars to MATVs

Seems to work out fine - - there is some order here, but I defy most to figure it out :wink:

Happy model building,



Your mess is NOTHING compared to my work desk …

The lab of the mad scientist.

The order is you know (mostly) where you put things which is all that matters.

High quality model building- as I feel obliged to add!

@Stickframe That’s it! Classic modeler’s workbench shot…

While I really do appreciate and often envy many of the beautiful, well appointed spaces that look like Silicone Valley computer labs, I can relate to this best. LOL!


New measure unit for property sellers: kittage (how many kits you can stuff).
Oh, guys, I envy your spaces :unamused:

My workbench. I promise, it is underneath all that stuff, somewhere, just need to dig it out, someday …

It has collected lots of things that I didn’t have time to take care of and just put on the ‘do-later’ pile …



Silly post needing 10 characters.


Nothing special here, I’m just tucked away in a corner of the basement by the electrical panel.

Several years ago when I made videos for my ‘scalemodelmadman’ youtube channel, I used to have a whole room
to myself and even a giant wall rack full of paints right at the bench. In time I learned all those hot lights cooking away as I modeled for hours wasn’t actually very good for paint storage so now they sit in drawers under the compressor or in boxes at my feet. :wink: