Let's see your Workbench

With the new forum I thought such a generic topic can give the opportunity to write and post some photos even to those who may not have a project on the workbench…just to get some practice

This is my Workbench in the garage, lots of space but unfortunately in the summer it becomes almost unlivable… :cold_sweat:

set-up with a view

Consumable,tools,Books and junkyard

the paints are in the big toolbox

and Were the magic happens… :nerd_face:

Last but not least the beer fridge … :beer: … where I also keep all the Cyano glues and more

And before you ask,No I didn’t cleanup for the picture,in fact it’s already a little messed up for me,but besides being Swiss and therefore precise by nature I am also a bit OCD, my wife is sooo happy! … :sob:


Wow that is a big beer Fridge :beers: :grinning:

Have not posted on the hobby room in a long time.

Have an understanding wife who has given me a couple of rooms to expand the hobby.

Here they are - Less the beer fridge :frowning_face:




Excellent initiative

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Okay,I am set up in my unfinished basement it is insulated but it comfortable except on the coldest winter days which are not too many.



We have 4 daughters and a son, and I finally got all 4 daughters married off (thank God, now they’re some other guy’s problem) so in March I grabbed one of the empty bedrooms and stripped it bare to build myself my dream studio. Here are the photos. The black drawers hold all of my supplies and paints, the toolmakers chest holds my tools, and the rest you can see in the photos. 50" 4K TV or streaming tunes cranked from the computer hooked up to beautiful Polk Audio speakers keeps the Zen flowing while I build away. I set up my portable spray booth for airbrushing. I know - I put down carpet - but the wood floor made the room echo like a tin can. Now if I can just get my wife to slide pizzas under the door…


I have had to clear my work bench. I teach and it has become my studio until we go back into the building. :frowning_face:

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My first post in new forum. Why not start with the modeling Man-Cave

C[ ] (:expressionless: C[ ]


Some years old, but as a test of the multiple photo upload, here ya go… (BTW, hold ctrl key down when selecting multiple photos to upload them all at once. Thanks again, @SSGToms! )

As usual, the aftereffects of the clutter-bomb explosion! :roll_eyes:


Anthony, that’s just showing off lol… That’s a work warehouse !!!
After looking at all of these I now have some serious work bench envy going on :frowning:… I may go sit in a corner and weep !!:sob:


You and me both brother …


And to start a little stash envy, here is one of my closets stuffed full of kits

C[ ] (:expressionless: C[ ]

P.S. I see the old emotes from the old forum don’t follow over to new forum.


Lots and lots more emojis available here,
I miss the smiley with the very visible waving hand though

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Old KitMaker - or i have not found it yet…

I also miss the footer with a pic of my old pet rat sneaking a drink from my beer on my old computer desk and darting back in.

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face: :tumbler_glass: :beers: :clinking_glasses: :beach_umbrella: :sweden:

Thanks Robin - sorry for going so off topic on this one

:beer: :robot: :beer:

Robbie, did you post this just to upset me even more and seriously damage my mental well being lol… You could start your own model shop !! And yes, I’m impressed :frowning:

Time to put hings into perspective. Sensitive (sensible??) readers can consider themselves warned.
The ceiling height is 250 cm (8 foot 2 inches + fractions).
Call it crazy if you like.

Stashed two deep on the shelves.
Smaller boxes wedged in between.
Some boxes contain two kits.
There is another room as well …


Robin my the closest store to has a lot less stuff than you … and I’m not kidding… :dizzy_face:

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My Panzerwerks. :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: This is a South-facing room which reaches upwards of 97° in summer months. Though a bit noisy, the AC unit on top of the crate helps immensely to cool down my styrene, paints… and my mood!


Wow that is a big beer Fridge :beers:

Mate i would trade my beer fridge for your AirCon right away if you like it!.. I live in Far North QLD … :cold_sweat:… in the summer no Aircon no Modeling in the Cave, i do what I can on the table in the living room but i like smelly thinners.

P.S…Jeez … it’s not that easy to quote !!