Lettering for an ISO container

Hi All

I’m finishing off an M915 with trailer and need letters and numbers for the Seacan on the back. Black would be best, as it’s a yellow MSC ‘tainer.

Any ideas where I can buy these?


I’m sure there are many more.


Thanks 18 B. I’ll check their website.

Hi, modeltruckin.com do some 1/32 container decals, should be close enough. They do several different types.

Hey 18 B. Thanks for the info. They do one for 1/35 containers but mostly period-type signs for civvie truck co’s.

I have a main decal but need the codes, letter groups etc used on ISO containers.

Thanks for that CovKid

They do a few main co. decals but I have an MSC one ordered.

I just need small lettering and numbers for the containers.

Please be advised, this decal sheet for Hapag-LLoyd containers is way too large for a 1/35 container. I am in contact with FSG about this problem. Will update, when FSG provide a solution.


If you want them in black, it would be easiest to just do them yourself on computer decal paper. You can type them up in word or powerpoint.

Thanks Thomas, I’m going with an MSC logo from Unicorn Models in Belgium.

Thanks Gino, I’ll be looking into that idea, sounds simple enough.

Maybe this would help with the stencils :

Container markings explained


Univers 59 Ultra Condensed fonts for download



Time to buy a Cricut! Cricut joys are $160 or so, I’ve already used mine to make stencil letters, swastikas that were missing from a luftwaffe kit, and balkencruez I messed up. I think it’s already save me $160 in decals by making high quality masks. A couple examples chevrons, barrel rings, battery marking, letters on kv-1, letters on archer, swastika, and balkencruez, stars all on cricut


I have one too- for stuff like lettering on a container they would come in handy.

Very interesting - but I think I’m at the wrong end of the technology tunnel for that!

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Fair enough!

If you only need a few letters, know what letters you want, the approximate size and font style I can likely make some stencils for you.

I know how aggravating it is to need to buy a full expensive decal set when you only need a couple decals

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Hi Mead

Ive only got one container to do and ive got the main co logo on order. Looking at the back of a typical container, these are the markings.

Happy to buy your work, if you’re interested.

I would do it pro bono since I’ve never commissioned anything and it doesn’t take super long

The lettering and numbering will be very easy, the stuff on the left side a little harder


Thanks very much for that. A very generous gesture.

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Not a problem!

Did you want the same font in the photo? And if so do you just want an assortment of different letters and numbers?


A very nice gesture @Mead93. I’m sure it will turn out excellent for @Denimo’s build.

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