LF a Centurion AVRE walkaround

Hi all
I can’t find any decent walkaround of the Centurion AVRE online. Prime Portal has one but for some odd reason when you click on the thumbnails the large size pictures do not show. I sent a message to Don with no result so far.


Hi Olivier. Don had a server crash a few years ago - just before you were building your Bushmaster. He lost a lot of images like my Bushmaster and ASLAV ones that he had uploaded to that server. The thumbnails are there, they are just not linked to any larger photos now. Most if not all, he did not have back ups for (I sent him a CD with them, but he could not locate it)

If you use the Wayback Machine site you can still recover some photos - the 20 on the first page:

Click on one of the blue circled dates, then press the blue time stamp in the pop up and it brings you to the stored first page of the PrimePortal walkaround. Click on each image and the original full size will appear. Here is one:

There are some others:



A huge thank you to both of you!



These might help as well. Taken in September 1991, after the AVREs had been returned to Germany and before they were retired from service immediately afterwards.

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Hi John
The Fascine AVRE pictured there has what looks to be an extension to the lower rear, in place of the usual curved air deflector. Is that an extra fuel tank?
I guess it could mean other changes internally for cooling?



That’s standard for AVRE (165)s - as were the louvred grilles on the engine deck.

I’m no expert on Centurion hull variations so I can’t answer the ‘why’ question.


Thanks for that John
Been looking for an explanation but not found anything concrete as yet.
Though may well be explained here -

I have Pt 1, perhaps Pt 2 should be on the list - anyone have it?


The armoured 100 gallon fuel tank looks like this

Quite different from the rear end of the AVRE shown in your post …

Hi Robin
Yes, on the standard gun tank, familiar with that.
Wondered if what’s on the AVRE is an attempt to increase fuel but stay within the standard envelope?
With the 100g tank, it altered both the length & centre of gravity. The Aussie’s had them specially fitted for VN, and meant the drivers had to be retrained for them, which along with the surprise deployment, caused a few problems getting sufficient fully trained crews .
The book “Canister. On. Fire.” went into that in some detail.


For what it’s worth a friend of mine who has some knowledge about Centurion told me the AVRE engine deck is typical of Mk8 and is a bit longer because it includes an additional fuel tank.


Hi Olivier
Thanks for that, that may be it. Mostly I’ve seen the 165mm AVRE referred to as a Mk 5, seem to recall Mk 7 and later had the revamped hull with increased fuel.


Hi All

the Centurion decks are UNIQUE to the AVRE 165 mm reason is that the rear section where the normal air vents would be is now a extend and houses a 100gal fuel tank . the pictures show the fuel tank and the extension which is enclosed not like Amusing WRONG kit of a AVRE.

the AVRE are all converted to Mk 5 standard and some have Mk 3 in till build and mk 5 turrets .

Mark 8 engine and gearbox deck are the same Has MK 7
Mk10 engine deck again unique was the the final build batch these decks can been seen on iserali tanks as well .

Centurion AVRE

be careful if using Amusing hobby vehicle .Kit front track adjust wheel was only used on one vehicle in Gulf war. all AVRE used wider sold type wheel .

every AVRE has different modifications , example in Gulf war . one of them had .30 mounted for wireless operator on turret roof. one had a chain strop welded hanging from turret armour like chain mail,
another had a Tent frame one engine deck so it could be erected quickly. and so on .if you building a AVRE in Germany from late 80s you need to add hush puppies tracks . there was no steel Track and they were issued for Gulf war

pictures of some of the work I started to do to correct the kit before I put it in


couple pictures of AVREs I drove gunnery and queens jubilee parade 1977

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Hi Michael
These days I only build 1/16th, but good to know where a kit I might use as research is off.


Thanks a lot for your input Michael.
Do you know of any other major flaws of the kit apart from the simpliflied wheels rims?
Why did you modify the fuel tank top?


hi Mal don’t use this Kit , us etch new AFV CLUB kit when its released

Thanks Michael

Hi Olivier

Designer whom was at AFV CLUB should have known better.

ok where to start.
They have based their model on 11BA46 at Duxford so will compare the model with that vehicle.


C22 /23 track adjuster wrong wheel shape as they have done the wheel in there STRV 104 kit
Rear fuel tank top wrong shape, bolts wrong size and no weld seam .
Rear tank fuel cap wrong shape as under it is also a fuel gauge
bottom of the fuel tank not sealed
no drain bung in bottom of tank
tow hook bracket should be in a V shape and not straight back and main plate should be wider .
convey light needs adding and cover
No cable run to infantry telephone
Rear towing eyes wrong shape and position depending which vehicle
Rear tail lights wrong place and wrong shape
Handles require replacing on bins, decks and turret bins
Front side lights wrong shape
Left drivers episcope and cover would be removed and a night sight fitted when up armoured
Co drivers sight cut off and blanked off on some
Hole next to drivers hatch for mine plough socket not all 165 AVRE had the socket fitted .
Dozer blade bottom pair of loose arms has one pin not two.
Only left hand exhaust has a little exhaust sticking out the side not both.

11 BA46 has a tent frame on rear decks

No Windscreen bin on rear of basket
Rear turret roller wrong place
No tie back securing point for holding fascines
Wrong aerial bases

Won’t go into the add on armour

If you want a AVRE to look like a AVRE build the kit . If you want a perfect one WAIT for AFV Clubs one . Or do lots of work to amusing hobby version
I worked on it for over two years with the Owner who passed away and I have been told its in progress.

Here is a few pictures . Ok the green tank is the reference vehicle that all AVRE are based on.
Sand vehicle is Duxford 11BA46 and interior as well and I am driving it with class 60 mounted on the front .

hope this helps


Great information and photographs Michael.

I hope you get your AFV Club one and it is an accurate one. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to not deliver on their promises.