LF: Help with the Takom Meillerwagen

Has anyone built the Takom 1/35 V2 and Weillerwagen. Here is a screenshot of page 7 of the instructions. Assembly of outriggers in the launch position is on the left. Assembly in the stowed position is on the right.

There are no subsequent illustrations showing the outriggers in the deployed/launch position.

My question is whether part C13 (shown on the right) is used at all in the launch configuration, and if not, what goes in it’s place so that the aligning lugs aren’t left exposed. I’m hazarding a guess that these ‘arms’ were used to lock the outriggers in the stowed position and that once they were disconnected from the outrigger braces they were just left to hang down. Anyone have any ideas and/or tribal knowledge?


Well, after a little more research I have revised my initial guess that the arms represented by piece C13 actually have something to do with stabilizing or aligning the trailer with the launch platform, but I still have not found any solid info on what their configuration is when the outriggers are deployed. If anyone has any clues, please share.



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Info on the Meillerwagen build please see my building report on the DMMB forum.
It is a German forum but the article is in English !
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