Littlebird at SOF week, Tampa,

Note the swivel mount M240 on starboard plank. I’m almost inclined to do another littlebird based on this, with a Live resin MG and mount.

And just for fun, would look great on that Airborne 1/9 US SF figure I’ve in the stash.


Looks good. A YouTube video of the demo:

Some MH-60Ms too.


So you saw the demo on Wednesday? I was there and got great photos of EVERYTHING. Next year’s going to be even better.

if only there were a company that could competently get all the details right…


Affirm that. I built the Kittyhawk littlebird MH 6M when it came out, and was disappointed at the soft detail, lack of detail, and incorrect detail. None of it terminal to the kit, just more work that it should have been. And I’m contemplating doing it again. What a sucker.

Photo by Jamie Hunter of TheWarZone.

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Never been a fanboy. But like everything else, (M103, Bradley, etc…) eventually a better kit comes out. It’s only a matter of time.

Ah, 41 years and 95 pounds ago when I was on a MAROPS team:

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True, and I’ve plenty in the stash to get on with in the meantime.

Is the 41 a typo?

There is a lot of unknowns about the replacement to the A/MH-6 “Little Birds” now that FARA is canceled. What puzzles me is that there have been contenders for years and yet USSOCOM wants to piggyback off the US Army’s FARA program instead of “going it alone.”

For years I’ve proposed the MD 969 to combine the A/MH-6 roles into one helicopter, but no one seems lukewarm to the idea. The MD 969 has interior launch tubes for ATGMs or drones, glass cockpit, FLIR turret, weapons plank, NOTAR, twin engines, doors, AND can seat troops inside. It is a vast improvement over the OH-6 in terms of performance, range, speed, capabilities, and multirole use.

Then there is the S-97 Raider that can perform the same attack and transport functions in one airframe. Sikorsky is going to lay off workers on the S-97 Raider, but why not build it for USSOCOM?


Nope. Graduated the Q Course at 20. Met a guy last week at SOF Week who has me beat.

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Nope, Robert is old. :rofl::rofl:

There were a lot of aircraft featured at the show, either life sized or very large scale. It was not among them.


Was this at the show?