Look what I found!

On my way back home earlier today I stopped at a yard sale and I found these for $1.50!

Its a M1 steel helmet (with liner) and a gas mask! (I have no idea what kind it is someone please let me know.)

Yes I know the exterior its not in a good condition but I will be doing something to improve it.

And here is the gas mask. Sadly its so old the rubber has been disintegrating.

No idea what these will be used for but I have them. :rofl:


well you wont have to worry about wearing a face mask anymore if you carry that lot with you every where you go. :crazy_face:

Steel pot is WW2 issue (rim has seam in front). Liner has post WW2/Korea configuration webbing and lacks chinstrap or attachment points for one.
Not sure about the gas mask. Doesn’t look like US issue. Certainly not WW2.
Do NOT try on the gas mask. It may have residual irritants or toxins if it was used.
Any markings on the gas mask carrier?

The gas mask may be Soviet…Here’s a postwar GP-5 gas mask, designed for civil defense usage :


and ф is a Cyrillic letter ( = f ) ф-410 is the production lot number.

T-78 + 4 dots should mean it was made in the Tambov factory between October and December 1978.



The gas mask appears to be cold war era soviet. It looks to be one used for civilian use in one of the block countries

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Nice finds. Not sure why, but gas masks creep me out big time


Not sure why, but gas masks creep me out big time

Maybe because of this?

Im actually repainting the helmet to look like a Canadian UN helmet. (Of course.)

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I hate to tell you (and I blame myself for not being more detailed in my prior post) but that M1 helmet shell was early WW2 and worth around $75-125.
In my early collecting days I sharpened a mint condition German WW2 98K bayonet destroying its value.
Live and learn.

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Ezra. Don’t paint anything else until you go here.

Ooh… I got it for about $1 so I’m not super sad about this but i really shoulda done some research first! :disappointed:

@Canmedic Thats a great link with some great pics but sadly I dont have a silhouette machine (I really want one) so I cant cut out detailed things like the UN emblem or anything like that.

I think I will let the helmet sit a few days before I decide what to do with it.

My wife has one. Game changing.

At that size though, you could probably just print something on paper and tape it over the helmet. Those would have been done with paper stencils originally