Look What the Tide Washed Up! (Model Shipwrights)

Its a shame the 1/350 Tenryu from Aoshima is so hard to get these days.

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A delivery from China!


Achilles from flea-bay and york from the LHS


Nice, can you tell me if Trumpeter got the deck right around B turret right or is it the same as their 1/350 kit in that they moulded it as a steel deck where it should be wood. Mind you so far most manufactures have got it wrong and done it as steel and the aftermarket wood decks just copy it and don’t include a wood deck for that part of the ship either.

Here’s a photo of Exeter’s B mount and you can make out the deck is wood.


Nice. How quickly are you going to start on Iron Duke? It would be nice to see your build log here. Just sayin’.

I think Iron Duke will be next year at the earliest, there are several aircraft, armour and other ships in the queue ahead of her. At my current build speed due to work and a recent bout of ill heath I’ll be lucky to even lay a keel before April.

Littorio they have it as a steel deck. I plan on building the York for the “Hot out of the molds” campaign so I will at least paint it a wood deck colour. By the way thanks I did not know that it should be wood

No problem glad to have caught you early with the deck issue.
It appears that Trumpeter based their kit on the plans from Profile Morskie however their plans are wrong so hence the kit is wrong in respect to the B gun deck, Aoshima also got this deck wrong however Niko got it right.
If you like wooden decks Shipyard have a set 700140 for the Trumpeter kit which has the correct wood deck.

The issue appears to have come about due to the photo the plans were draw from the ships had awnings out over the deck which hid the deck from overhead view.

World of Warships got the deck right!

You’ll need to check the dual purpose secondary guns as well if you are doing a River Plate build she only had single 4" mounts.
This is a photo of her as she returns home after being patched up in the Falkland, the dark paint patches are to hide some of the damage as seen from a distance by a casual observer. Just visable far left of the photo is a 4" mount.

Edit. Whoops your doing York well the deck part still applies just ignore the 4" guns.

I plan on doing her at Souda Bay

Postie brought some reference material.



1/144 Uboot Typ IIB from ICM and it was immediately snatched up by my son, so no pictures.

Well this one took some time to arrive, ordered it around xmas time with some other ships posted in an above post but this one was missing form the parcel. Contacted the vendor and it arrived today direct from China.

Deluxe version


Well it seems like all the orders that have been floating around with the postal service (Parcel Force or as they get called Parcel Farce) have finally started to turn up. From across the moat in France comes a couple of Cruisers.
Interestingly they are now 3D printed not cast resin.

HMS Jamaica


HMS Sheffield


This came in today. Really happy with it, especially given the price. Very reasonable out of China.

Comes with turned barrels, a deck, masks for the red/stripes and 6 frets of photo etch. All for only $58. A steal compared to some of the PE kits I’ve bought for other ships.

Combined with the PE that comes with the kit and it’s looking to be a detailed build :blush:



Apologies for the long silence, but work and real life has limited my time and energy to put into the hobby. I am getting back to the bench slowly but surely…

Received some new upgrade parts from Black Cat.

The 3D printed Walrus, I ordered a couple of each wings folded and open. The engines and props are seperate parts.

I will admit, when Ben anounced the Walrus, I was one of those that pestered him to produce a folded wing Walrus. They are both so much better that any Walrus that comes with Kit that I have seen.

Another adition was the Late War Tribal class destroyer upgrade.

All the armament, boats and lots of othergreat stuff. Great service, arrived from Normandy in less than a week… I will be using that on an Atlantic models HMS Tartar. Don’t know which one I will build yet.

Good to be back.




I finally got something that took its time to reach in the post. Checked the contents and I have to admit I am impressed


Good buy! Flyhawk have a nice quality and very understandable instruction manuals; I like them :+1:

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The ships related books I got for easter are all on the olympic class:


Some interesting reading. Can we expect a build
Log soon? :grimacing:

Added another one to my dry dock fleet.