Looking for 1/35 tv reporters

i need your help guys i was cruising the net and i found some figures of 1/35 of tv war reporters but i can’t find tgrm again. it’s not the verlinden figures.

they are three figures wearing blue helmets and body armour. one has a hand held microphone, one is holding a modern small tv camera and the other guy looks like he is the sound engineer.

can anyone tell me who makes them and where i csn get them?

You mean these?

I recall verlinden had a 2 or 3 figure set with a cameraman; I’m sure there are others.

There’s a set in 28mm that match the description.


If you’re willing to convert, Bronco did a WW2 war correspondent set.

Good Luck

@Tank_1812 @metalhead85 @Colder sorry guys it’s none of those figures. dammit I hate this when it happens, i wish I’d taken a screenshot of them…arrgh i hate this old age thing!

Firestorm’s offering: TV Reporter in Flak Jacket, Firestorm Models FS35128

@ReluctantRenegade nope not that one either sorry. the are all standing up straight as if rhey are interviewing someone in the street and there are three figures in total.

this is so annoying that can’t remember their names or makes them…dammit!

Any of these…?


@deerstalker36 nope sorry it’s not the paracel or verlinden figures…this driving me nuts

Verliden has two sets. Could it still be them?

@fromSalekhard Yuri it is not them, i mentioned this at the start of the thread. thanks anyway.

my old age is making me forget things. i hate getting old!

I save myself pictures of such sets of figures, but I don’t remember such a thing for modern times and three figures. Although I’m not young either.

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ok, these figures were NOT created by any of these companies:


You can try to add helmet heads to Royal Models’ figures…


Other than that, the Parcel Miniatures ones seem to come the closest.

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nope not that one, it was suggested earlier, sorry.

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Are you sure it was an OOTB kit and not a converted or kitbashed kit based on Aftermarket parts?

And then one gets into recast kitbashes that look cool, but aren’t from any original vendor or sellers…or at least I think they’re recast.


The only problem with losing your memory is that you never seem to lose the memory of having a good memory…


you’re not the only one, my favourites list on the laptop is huge because i bookmark everything i see now


Not what you described. But these two are pretty cool. Just need some CNN decals.