Looking for a Sparmax Compressor

I am interested in Sparmax’s AC 500 compressor and wanted to know who offers one in the US at a good price? Several places I’ve checked did not have all of Sparmax’s compressors listed. I figure Some of you have a line on airbrush’s and compressors.

Hello TopSmith,
The one place I go to for airbrush stuff is www.spraygunner.com
They are in the US and carry Sparmax compressors and airbrushes. They also have their line called No-Name. A friend has one of the Tooty No-names and he likes it. Hope this helps.



I’m guessing you probably checked Hobby Lobby, then. I know they have Sparmax as I got mine there a while back but not sure if that have that exact one. If they do you’d have to wait for a sale as they stopped with the 40% coupon.

Neither location listed the AC 500 as an option.

After a thorough investigation it seems like the compressor I want from Sparmax is not carried by the importer in the US. :angry: Does not want to have to order a pallet of 90 compressors.
I do not want to pay Iwata’s premium price for something near the equivalent.
If you are in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Europe, What might the shipping be on a compressor since your countries seem to carry it?

If I may, why are you fixed on this compressor? Have you considered other options?

I am a common since guy. I know that there are many compressors out there. Sparmax from what I have read made Iwata compressors in the past so I am thinking they are a good company. I wanted a twin cylinder compressor and a tank. The style of the AC 500 is an uncovered design that is easy to work on. I liked the tank beside the compressor for the space I have and I liked the sturdy frame design. They make a 620 model that is stacked with the compressor above the tank and both the tank and the compressor are inclosed in a metal case. It would be my second choice. It just makes since that if a company makes something, you should be able to buy it.

I use an Iwata Smart Jet Pro. However, it seems that the ‘Iwata’ product incorporates a Sparmax compressor inside its case.

So I figure if you bought an Iwata, you’d essentially be getting a Sparmax?

Retailer in Germany 247:50 Euro + 61:30 Euro for the shipping to US of A.

Sparmax is a brand from Taiwan, they collaborate in Europe with Harder and Steenbeck for airbrushes and compressors and other stuff. Their compressors in Europe use generic stuff for motors and compressors, for example their TC-620x is the same with the famous AS-186 compressor with the addition of the metal cover and some sparmax branded covers.
Their stuff is good but I would not go as far as buying from Europe or Australia if I were in the US. plus you will need a 110-220 Volt transformer if you got the European version.

Have you considered something like this:

You will need to change the fast release and probably use an adopter to 1/2 or 1/4 inch but considering the price (and that probably the compressor is the same generic stuff you will get from Sparmax or any other brand that uses the same chinese made equipment) I would give it a try. You can even buy a new air regulator with moisture trap and still be in the 170$ range.

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Thank you for your help gentlemen,