Looking for German 1/72 Depth Charges for S-100 please

Resin or leftovers from the Revell S-100 would be great. Thanks

I have the Revell S-100 let me check if I have them or not.

Clayton, have a look on shapeways for a company called Iron worx, they do an amazing array of stuff, I should know as a lot of it was made originally at my request by Christian.


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Just checked, Im sorry I have the 3cm gun boxing of the kit so I dont have any.

As Mike said Christian makes 1/72 depth charges for $13

Sorry just to clarify when I say made at my request, Christian already had these made in 1/35th, so he just scaled them down for me.

But if you want to trick your boat, the stuff is simply great!! No affiliation just a very happy customer!!


Dear Modellers,

That is an interesting discussion which I would like to be part of. As you can tell by my name, I am Christian and I own the shapeways Shop Iron Models. I have several product in 1:72 available in my shop, but honestly I have to say, that Shapeways became on the one side too expensive on their side and on the other side the level of detail decreased. This requires that handles or the signal post on the S38 wheelhouse became 0.8 mm thick.

To this end I took some money and now own 50% of a phrozen transform liquid resin printer. With that we are able to provide prints in better detail than shapeways, cheaper than shapeways. For example the hand wheels on the Targeting computer or the depth charges roll off racks can be printed – shapeways cannot?

My current downside is the shipping. Shipping to the US is standard 60 EUR for a package. This makes printing only attractive if the order is large enough.

The drawing continues and beside the construction report on the Kleinschnellboot WAL in this forum (but 1:10 scale: 3D Print XXL Kleinstschnellboot Wal). I finished the 4 cm Bofors and work now on the single and twin Oerlikon for a fairmile D project.

In case I can be of help you can reach me here.

Kind regards