Looking for Op Herrick 10 info

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i am trying to get information as to what british army units were in afghanistan and their areas of operation during Operation Herrick 10 that ran from january 2009 until january 2010, this is specific to helmand province.

if anyone has any information or suggestion i would appreciate it, i had thought about emailing the MOD or the Imperial War Museum but i thought i would try here first.

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HQ 19 Light Brigade

Major units deployment

2nd Royal Tank Regiment - Egypt Squadron
The Light Dragoons
1st Battalion, Welsh Guards - No. 2 Company
2nd Battalion, The Royal Welsh (Royal Regiment of Wales) - A Company
The Black Watch 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland - Brigade Reconnaissance Force
2nd Battalion, The Rifles
4th Battalion, The Rifles - B Company & R Company
2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

ANA Mentoring

2nd Battalion, [Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters - B Company

ANP Mentoring

Police Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (POMLT)
2nd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles - F Company

Smaller units on tour

5th Regiment Royal Artillery - Unknown Battery
40th Regiment Royal Artillery _ Batteries ?
32nd Regiment Royal Artillery - Batteries ?
39th Regiment Royal Artillery M270 MLRS
Elements of 33 Engineer Regiment RE EOD
38 Engineer Regiment RE
Theatre Logistics Group - RLC
Elements of 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment RLC
17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC (Kabul)
27 Regiment RLC - 91 Supply Squadron
19 Combat Service Support Battalion, (REME)
4th Battalion REME
2nd Medical Regiment
4th Battalion, The Mercian Regiment - Normandy Company
Elements of 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
173rd Provost Company Royal Military Police

Maybe a few other minor units … thats most of the big UK players mate.


@Johnnych01 thanks for that info it’s going to help prove/disprove a story i have heard, is there a way to fine tune that list to show only the units that operated in and around Garmsir?

That may take a bit of digging but I can look around so that one may be a wait out for a bit mate ok. I know Panthers Claw was around that time and involved most of the main players… Also a USMC battle group was further south I think …

@Johnnych01 cheers mate, take your time, i would sooner have accuracy than half assed info.
i know that the US Marines were to the south and that is important as well. where was the dividing line between the British and US Marines areas operations and was that line hard and fast or was it flexible?
ideally a map with British and US Marine locations and the operational areas of deployment marked out as well.
i realise it’s a big ask i know but i appreciate your help.

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Hi Klaus,

Not much to report back with really I am afraid. Like I said before, the main Op during that time was Op Panthers Claw which was based around the Light Dragoons Battlegroup and the main drive for that was to clear, protect and make safe key areas for the forth coming elections in 2009. That involved between 2000 - 3000 bods from all arms and joint task forces from other Nations. BTW, your dates for Op H 10 are a bit off, it was from early May 09 to Oct 09.

The US led forces were in the south carrying out there own part and tasks, and as far as is normal, all AORs (areas of responsibility) are always clearly marked and known to all via maps and briefings. These are usually hard set and goes a long way in allowing for better ground awareness of who should be there and who isnt and also to help prevent blue on blue (which isnt always as easy as it sounds). Before Op H 10, Garmsir was handed over to US forces and then handed back to UK forces before Panthers Claw I think.

I am not sure if Garmsir was a Afghan Mil/Trg site and as such, would only of had a small contingent there and from various Units- usually Infantry based to assist in Trg. This is a small piece about it, Remembering Afghanistan, Garmsir and Sher-Wali – Channel 4 News

As to maps, thats tricky, they are hard (very hard) to come by as most commanders will keep them secure after or simply destroy and they are not usually photoed etc for obvious reasons. Accounts of actions are referenced in things like Regimental journals and a lot of these can be sourced on line or try to see if someone from say the LDs knows more in depth about that units input into. Max @Maximus8425 is ex LD, so he may have the journals or a link to them.

Needless to say, all units would of been heavily involved with incidents over this period as Panthers Claw was a major prolonged Op to clear Taliban from many strongholds…




@Klaus-Adler I can’t give info on operations in Afghanistan in 2009 as by that time I was working in HQ Recruiting Group and was firmly ensconced behind my desk. I can however possibly supply anecdotal evidence in the form of Regimental Journals for The Light Dragoons and for anyone who is interested the two predecessor Regiments 15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars 1960-1992 and The 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own) 1945-1992. You will have to do some trawling to possibly find what you are looking for. Early issues are typically black and white scans of hard copy journals whilst later LD journals are very high quality digital copies.

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thanks for the help guys i appreciate it and will get back to ypu in due course…just herding some new drivers on my 15 hour nightshift at the moment.

thanks again