Looking for Sexton parts

Does anyone have the DS tracks and sprocket from Dragon 6793? (Preferably in the UK)

Are you looking for CDP (Canadian Dry pin) tracks or American tracks?

If its CDP you need Ive been looking around and the only ones Ive been able to find are the Friulmodel tracks. They will put you out around $45 or £32. They are way better then the DS but I can keep looking for the rubber band tracks if you would prefer.

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6793 is the version with CDP.

Panda Models also do/did CDP track, but a UK import price similar to the UK price of Fruils.

I am aware of aftermarket track sets.

I’m have this kit and I’m eager to replace the tracks as Dragon DS is utterly garbage. Had too many parts made with this stuff rot. You’ll find plenty of horror stories concerning this stuff if you look around.
I’m looking to replace them with regular T74 steel chevron tracks. Have seen some indy link sets by Bronco, but I can’t stand indy link tracks. Life’s too short to get bogged down messing around with them. Would much prefer band type, but AFV club and Asuka tracks seem to be hard to find.
If I can find a set, and more importantly, if the tracks haven’t rotted in the box, I could part way them.
I’m not making a promise here, it’s dependant on finding my own replacements first and importantly the condition of the DS tracks. It’s been a while since I’ve had the box open and they could already be on their way out.


It looks like T48s would be the only belt tracks I have spare.

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They would work.
At least two in this photo have T48’s.

What brand of tracks are they?

Will have to dig my Sexton out and check the tracks.

The Eduard 3716 tracks.

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Cool that’s the reboxed Asuka Sherman, good tracks in those.
The good news is that the tracks in the Sexton are ok. Still nice and pliable and haven’t degraded.
Will get some pics up for you in a little while for you.

Photos as promised.

You are going to need part V27. I only have one for each side one in the kit and I’ll need it to attach the regular drive sprockets to.
I can provide the D parts for the sprocket.

If you’re happy to do a swap let me know.

Do you still need these tracks?

I need to think about it.

Got all the rest of the required parts, interested in doing the trade now.

Sexton track/sprocket differences. Lots of good choices!

I’m not building a Sexton bruh.

Apologies for the late reply, the new forum only shows the latest posts, so didn’t see this till this afternoon.

I am a little bit worried about the tracks looking at them again tonight. A couple of the guide teeth are beginning to distort and splay inwards. One set a couple of teeth are splayed outwards. Almost like they have been squashed. Now, the tracks have been stored flat with nothing pressing on them from above or below. The Sexton is one of the rare Dragon kits that isn’t packed to gunwales full of sprues and has a lot of space for the parts. My concern is that this is the early signs of the DS going rotten, certainly seen it a couple of times before. The next stage after self-distorting is leaking an oily fluid and finally either going hard and brittle or crumbling. Either way, the liquid it oozes can attack any painted parts and plastic the tracks are in contact with. They weren’t like this when I looked a few weeks ago, but this stuff can go quite quickly.

I would hate for your project to be ruined, if they are as I suspect, going bad.
I really do think you need to consider the Fruil tracks. I’ve been looking to see if there is anything else available, but not finding any other alternative.
These may be expensive to get hold of, not to mention fiddly to put together, but will certainly last longer and not damage your model.

Sorry about this, but this is the problem with DS.

If you want to risk it, let me know.

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Ah, I see.

Like I said if you want to risk it, let me know. But I’m a bit worried about these things looking at them. It might be the first sign of rot. Nothing has pressed on them to bend the teeth and they’re not bending back to their original shape.
If you do take them, do not use enamel paint or thinners anywhere near them as they accelerate the problem.
DS is utter garbage and I had one run on a Sherman Firefly go bad a year after finishing it.
Their other Sherman’s in my stash I’ve already gotten replacements for.

If the plastic baggie containing the tracks is beginning to show a wavy surface, which I think your bag is doing, it is an early sign of the DS going bad.
I have begun to suspect that the material in the bags might be part of the rotting process.
I will never use DS tracks, I am replacing all of the DS, glueable “vinyl”, old style vinyl and any other suspect materials with styrene, resin or metal.

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