Looking for Tamiya 1/35 Panther A, the dog of which we speak

Want to build as a knocked out tank. Don’t want to spend a ton of money.

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Hey! That’s a good choice. Build it like the knocked out Panther in front of the Cathedral on Cologne.

I build mine as a very generic one, to practice my weathering skills on.


I figure no ones picky about accuracy with a wreak and you can scratch build to your hearts content.


that’s right.

Top Smith I may have a couple of old Tamiya Panther A’s partially built that I do not need anymore. Email me at rttaz54@aol.com and maybe we can work somethng out.

Randy T
Bayside Queens NY

Still looking for an unbuilt kit.
Scale Hobbiest has them for $20
Hoping for $10

let me look around. I bet I have one. I know for sure I have the steel wheeled kit somewhere.

you pay the shipping, and then you can owe me a beer

Sounds like a plan. :slight_smile:

The steal wheeled variant is good also.

I’ll dig it up for you

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It certainly is the only thing worth using it for…


And very low cost – general gizmology from the spares box, heavy-grade aluminum foil/baking tray (molded from original part) dented/dinged, any old mesh that looked close enough. I couldn’t think of any other way to use the original turret though, maybe you can :thinking:


There is a lot that can be done with the hull and turret. The teal challenge is the track. The total lack of detail on the interior side causes a LOT of creativity.


You’re dead right – it’s a long time since my wreck, I was so appalled by the inaccuracies I just used the rubber-bands rather than waste money on track upgrades, in retrospect maybe I should’ve tried harder. The only other thing I remember is slicing out 2mm sections each side of the mantlet near the barrel aperture (it’s way too wide) and the mantlet-supports to match. Looking forward to seeing your “restoration”.

This kit is for the Great Ones campaign. Must use materials prior to 1990 so this kit will work just fine. I do not know of any better Panther aftermarket track made before 1990 so I will need to be creative with the Panther rubber bands. If you are aware of better aftermarket track prior to 1990 let me know.

Is the mantlet to wide or is it the front of the turret is to wide?

There is an old FSM article from late 80’s/early 90’s that shows how to correct the turret of the Tamiya Panther A, with scale drawings. Basicly it’s building a new one from sheet styrene. Back from when this kit was the only game in town.

:rofl: Not this time. However I converted the Panther A into a G before a G kit was available. Still have it on the shelf.

What Carlos said. Likely I saw that article at the time (c. 2014) & it put me off enough to up-end the original turret instead. Don’t know if there’s any pre-’90 tracks out there, sorry.

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Modelkasten I believe… they at least date from the 90’s.

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