Lost to the Deep

Looking good. A lot of small parts!

The number of parts are TINY compared to the number of parts for the Flyhawk HMS Ajax I’m building concurrently
No crane is an open V so I added some stretched sprue to give the appearance of a cable

My homemade shield on the bow (other side not shown)

No 37 mm or 20 mm AA guns were provided so I raided the spare parts box(es) for them


Parts primed

I left the search lights on the sprue for painting otherwise they would be almost impossible to handle while painting. I’ll paint the one side silver after I take them off. Did the same for the capstains

The deck painted

The choice is easy; The blob boat on the left or the nice one from the spares bin


You must have a very well stocked spares bin :slight_smile: Lots of cool stuff to upgrade the kit. :+1:t2: :slight_smile:

I’m helped by the fact that a lot of newer kits include generic sprues that will fit many different kits and so have more than a few leftovers. Plus I have a few failed builds to draw from.
The hull with a patch of white for the false bow waves

The waves masked off with liquid mask

The hull painted with Life Colours UA 602 DKM 51 Dunkelgrau then having the liquid mask wased off


Various parts and sub-assemblies painted with Lifecolor’s UA 601 Silbergrau

The capstains and anchor chains painted

I’m painting the dark camoflage using Tamiya’s XF-63. I’ve thinned it with Tamiya’s retarder to try to get it to brush well, and it seems to have worked ok on the stack. I am not using any of the paint schemes posted on-line but I am trying to paint to match what is shown in photos taken at Montevideo. As such much will be artistic liscence/guess work


Starting to assemble the superstructure to the hull

Added some PE railing to the search light platforms on the control tower and the funnel


Painted the rails on the control tower and stack

Painted the Ar 196. I used the one from the kit because I don’t have any in my spare parts box

Started to paint the boats. I used Vallejos mahogany because I really like the color

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More superstructure added
I’m going to chop off the rectangle at the end of the yellow line (both sides) because that is where one set of 37mm guns are located


The object from the previous picture chopped off. The semi-circular shape looks like the base of the 37mm gun that will replace it.

The boats mounted to the ship.( I see some touch-up is needed

The Ar 196 painted and decals added. There were no markings in the kit so these were added from spare parts

The painted searchlights. When I first saw the searchlights I thought they were WAY oversize but I found that they really were that large while researching the color scheme


Searchlights placed on the stack assembly

PE ladders attached. I used Liquitex gel which drys clear to attach them. the PE is NOT from the kit but from generic ladders I bought for times like this. They included Aztec ladders

I also painted the 5.9 gunhouses etc to be able to finish this tomorrow

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Well… it ain’t no silk purse but it’s done.


Nice build, Stevie. It was a pleasure to follow along your build. I will steal some of your ideas for when I get started on mine.

Looks great!

Thanks guys. Here is a good source on what she looked like


I am jumping into this one with a FW-190A-3 - I am going with the excellent Eduard kit.

I am building the 190 that dropped in the ocean of the coast of Norway in 1943. It was later raised in 2007 in decent condition. Below a picture of the plane coming out of the sea.

More to follow soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Jesper, would you know if they plan to restore the aircraft or preserve as is? :thinking:

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They preserved it as is and you can actually visit it in the local museum.

See more below - including nice pictures of the FW-190.

Herdla museum with the FW-190


Hmmm… Haven’t I seen something like that before? :thinking:
Aha! ‘Torsten’s bench works!’




A bit more progress. I was basecoating outside and got surprise by light drizzle of rain just when finishing up. Guess I need to get the fine sandpaper out for the underside :confused:

Luckily the other parts are ok.