LZ Models (35201) 1/35 German Water Crane… and then some

LZ Models (35201) 1/35 German Water Crane

LZ Models (35201) German Water Crane223609-10244-62-pristine

Hi guys, Thought I’d share this simple little build from the past. Thank’s for having a look!

As a former model railroader, I’ve always had a fascination for water towers. So in 2014, when I saw the LZ Models offering, I thought this might be a good first-time full resin kit experience for me. The kit was very enjoyable despite a learning-curve associated with using CA to completely assemble a model kit for my first time. :hammer_and_wrench:

Being new to using CA, I found that gluing and holding the turnbuckle/wire assemblies together provided quite the challenge for this newbie. :crazy_face:

There was just something about the chain hanging so loosely over the pulley — just falls off too easily. So I fashioned a wheel cage out of paper card to keep it from jumping the groove. :hocho: :hammer_and_wrench:

Once everything held-together, I rattled a can of Tamiya (87064) Fine Grey Surface Primer.

Here’s the finished model.

LZ Models, (65601) Precision Very Fine Chain

Paint Callouts:
• Primer: Tamiya (87064) Fine Grey Surface Primer (rattle-can)
• Base Color: Vallejo Base Grey (71.097)
• End Spout: Vallejo Chocolate (70.872)
• Hand Wheel: Vallejo Scarlet (70.817)


PS: I just realized, there’s no chain in the final photos. I’ll need to update these really old poor quality images at some stage.


Haha, I was gonna say. Great job on the build and paint. I bought the Miniart kit

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Looks great and like the paint callouts.

I want to see the diorama it will go in. :+1:

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That’s a gem Mike, really beautiful work! What Ryan said, so all you need is one of these to go with it – after all I do owe you a favour for those tram brake wheels you kindly donated…



Mike, thanks for posting this. Great work on the water column.

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Thank’s kosprueone!
When MiniArt started offering all of that cool railway stuff, my imagination took off big time! Sadly, before continuing down that rabbit hole, I’ve sold-off all railway related kits. :railway_track::rabbit:


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Ryan, Tim, and Fred, Thank’s for the nice comments — always appreciated!
Steam, styrene, and dioramas… oh my! If only you could see inside my head.:bulb::thinking::spider_web:


a styrene steam scene …


Build it, build it, build it……:crazy_face::sunglasses:

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With chain…

“It feels like rain”…

Cheers! :grin:


That looks great. Add a small base and your done. :+1:

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Oh the pressure from you guys! … I buckled and ordered the MiniArt (35568) Railway Track with Dead End – European Gauge. I’ll try to whip-up a small vignette using the Water Crane, a short section of track and the two characters loitering about.

My thinking… what purpose would a water crane serve without being along a track siding?



True, I was thinking a small small base. You could have scratched most of the rail as it would have been the edge but I like where this is going. :+1:

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I got to thinking about changing things up a bit… While googling around, I found this figure set by Alpine Miniatures (35186) ‘WW2 US Infantry Set’ (2 figures). The GI tipping his helmet, looking skyward and interacting with his buddy particularly caught my eye. In addition, I thought three figures might balance things out a bit more.

figure Options:

Option 1: “It’s Feeling Like Rain.”


Opton 2: “What’s that little runt up to now?” While giving the kid the stink-eye.

Stalingrad 'Young German POW' 1944-45 . 35171c

Just wondering if the US uniforms are correct as far as coinciding with the Stalingrad (3528) ‘Young German POW’ 1944-45.

I’ve provided two very rough plans below:

Version No. 1 (overhanging track)

Version No. 2 (sliced-off track)

After viewing a quick slicing edit, I’m leaning toward the overhanging track Version No. 1.

What do you guys think? TIA.



Interesting story line. Are you using the ‘Dead End’ part of the track kit in this story?


I just purchased the ‘Dead End’ kit version due to unavailability of the plain track here in the US. Once the sleepers, rails, roadbed, etc. are permanently positioned, I had planned to slice them off flush with the base’s edges… or maybe not (see above edit).

BTW: The repurposed box is a 6.5" cube.


I like it. The balance looks good.


ok, got it. Wow, 6.5 X 6.5, that’s a space saver.

And like Ryan says, composition is on point.


Now add another 6" for the Water Crane height and it becomes a vertical beast. :straight_ruler::sweat_smile:


What say ye peanut gallery? Are the uniforms correct Should I pull the trigger on some Alpine figures?