M1062 Bulk Fuel Trailer conversion

Beautiful work there Gino. That series of of pics and related info is better than some kit manufacturers can offer in their instruction sheets!

I have completed the M1062 Bulk Fuel Trailer.

I painted it with a spray can of Krylon Ivory paint. I gave it a few washes of brown and sand acrylic paints, then drybrushed with a sandy color. I also added some spilled fuel on top using Tamiya Smoke paint.

The decals match the M1088A1 truck it is mated to; 13th Theater Support Command, 610 Quartermaster Bn, 418 Transportation Company. It is not based on any specific trailer, but representative of actual ones used in Iraq. The “Flammable…” decals are from a German decal set from TL Modellbau that includes the “Flammable No Smoking…” markings in white, as well as black. I used the white ones on an M49A2 a few years ago. The “Flammable 3” placards came from a set by Star Decals.

Here it is.



I really like how the trailer came out. It shows that with a little elbow grease and TLC, you can turn a mediocre snap-tite kit into a real gem, in my opinion anyways.

Attached to the M1088A1 tractor truck.

More on the truck build here:


Looks very good, but sorry I’m not sure to have understood. Did you reduce the scale of the trailer ?

Beautiful work Gino. You’ve done an impressive job of that conversion.

I’m still undecided on the conversion route. I might just hang on and build my Academy FISTV while Real Model finish their 3D tanker.

Thanks guys.

terminator- no, it is still 1/32 scale, sort of, but it is close enough to work. The tires are 1/35, and I reduced the length of the tank by 64mm to match the length of the actual trailer in 1/35, as well as converted it to match the details of the M1062 trailer.


OK, a good compromise. :+1:

Looks excellent Gino. Impressive work. Outstanding results for what you started with!

That is beautiful, especially in combination with that great tractor!

I have never understood why so many manufactures (and AM suppliers) offer spare tires that while being a different mold pattern are still made to include lug nuts???

Here is the spare with lug nuts after being drilled out by me on the recent das Werk Sd.Ah.115 trailer.


Thanks gents. I like how it came out.

Brilliant work Gino. On a related note, the pics showing M52 towing fuel in Saudi seem to be M131 5000 gallon rigs. Looking at the donor trailer main tank, it has a hump just passed the halfway point. Cutting the end off the tank to get it to the 271mm for the M131 would leave a flared section toward the back end. Cutting the hump out probably wont provide enough length.

Safer to depict an M1062 and hope it isnt noticed? :smile:

Thanks. I would say go with the M1062. It has been around since the late '80s, so it was used during ODS as well.

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Quick question on the tanker Gino. Page 11 of the Monogram kit instructions shows the tank subframe attaching to the underside of the tank, but you appear to have inverted the tank body and cut all the drain plugs etc off to fit the oblong top panel onto what was the bottom of the tank.

Is that what you did? I’m keen to get this right so please let me know.


No, I kept the tank in the same orientation. I cut the center out of part 3 and made a new flat center part using sheet styrene. I then cut one of the tank caps off 3 and sanded it down, then added it to the new center section. I cut down the frame on 3 by the same amount that I cut the tank down (64mm). On the bottom of the tank, I removed/relocated where the pipes come out to the new configuration for an M1062. I also cut out the same 64mm from the frame.

You can kind of see where I chopped the frame here:

Also, I cut the tank just behind the second (from the front) diamond-shaped opening on the top and took out 64mm from there back.

Hope that helps.


A great help Gino. Thanks.