M1078 War Pig 1:35

I give up the humveee for a while, but still stay in the special forces atmosphere. At the workshop, the M1078 base + M1082 trailer, and the M1083 conversion, which I will use to build a two-axle vehicle



Good luck with the Black Dog kit.


Why do you not use three axle M1083 Trumpeter truck for base?
And about resin conversions, Legend conversions aint picnic either :grimacing:

The M1078 is neater… this conversion looks very good, similar to the Danish Julkaat

Two evenings of work and suspension ready


Show must go on…


Saturday night fever…


Looking good! Oh, I like the seatbelts!


Take note that the fuel cans are the wrong type. There are no fuel cans with two handles in US inventory. Better replace it with cans from Legend Productions. These are the best available.

Hermann B-
I know, that’s why they’ll be covered like the ones on the front.

The driver’s cabin is almost ready with the electronics.There are also two figures that I will use


The load at a different stage of finishing, but takes its final shape.


Nice stowage! This really took shape quick and it came out beautiful.

Actually “clean” finished. There are no doors, antennas and buckles that hold the transport belts together. Later a dry brush and dust. You can complain


Oh, I like it very much.

So, what’s Black Dog conversion like? Did you have any problems with it?

Why no ammo boxes with machine guns?


Maki- I had absolutely no problems with the conversion. A factual error is the fuel canister holder, but it can be masked. Backpacks, bags, ammo boxes are not crooked and show details well. Same electronics as you used in your dumvee. I recommend it because fun is great. A handle without an ammo box because I wanted to use an etched kit which looks nice empty :yum:

Thanks for the answer. After BlackDogs Dumvee conversion I really didn’t want to tackle their War Pig stuff, but it looks absolutely great. I think Pro Art did some conversions for this one as well… long OOP I guess with Pro Art not producing any more.

Anyway, looks great and I really would like seeing more. What did you have in mind regarding the figures and vignette?


Now I have to “add” the M1082 trailer, figures and a small (!) Vignette with the Afghan landscape.
PS- I also know the dumvee BL conversion and this whole package looks poor in terms of fit. ProArt definitely looks better here.

Sweeeeet. Really like all the stowage. Great job. :+1: :+1:

You said we could complain so here goes: your straps look 30 time better than the ones I make from lead foil, what material are you using for straps? Otherwise the “Pig” looks awesome, I struggle with stowage and finding the right personal junk to put in my vehicles.