M113 Marginal Terrain Assault Bridge scratch built

I scratch built this back in Feb. 1917 due to ill health and not being able to post it because of problems with Photobucket. I’m trying now. I took in progress photos. I still have all the plumbing to do.
Thank you to everyone that helped me in my research.




Welcome Ralph.

Bridgelayers are some of my favorites! Thanks for posting your build here.

That’s an impressive bridge layer!

Kosprueone thank you. I like posting my scratch build. I used to have problems from pictures hosting companies.
Armor-Buff thank you for the compliment. The bridge can be removed with the locking system that I installed on the launcher connection.

I love the new format taking pictures from my hard drive.

I have been a member of Armorama since 2002 and lost all my privileges when I had to sign in as a new member because the sign in did not accept my old pass word. I wish that the administrators would fix my account that I have been a member for 21 years. so as now I can only post 5 pictures.

Does anybody know how to get this rectified. Any help is welcomed.




I believe you’ll gain more “trust levels” the longer are active… or something like that. Just keep plugging away. Posting images here is a breeze! HTH.

Very nice scratch-building. Looking forward to more posts!


@mech Ralph’s that’s amazing nice scratch building!

Just keep posting and you’ll quickly accumulate full access privileges with the new system.

Thank you Mike for the compliment and advice.
Thank you for the compliment and advice Armor_Buff.
I like to scratch build mainly LVTs and recovery vehicles some m113.


The hoops everyone needs to jump through:

Part of it is also a learning curve, learning to use the new features et.c.
None of us got to carry over anything except our call-signs, some took the opportunity to change call signs

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Thank you, I apreciate it that we are all in the same boat.


Thank you Mike for the compliment and advice.


Wade thank you again.


Thank you Robin. I guess we’re all in the same boat.


Awesome, now you have done that someone like AFV Club will release a kit … you know that? :grin:

Thank you very much for the cmplement.


Beautiful scratch work . Its funny . I have also been scratch building the same thing

Chirs… thank you very much for the compliment.

If you need any help with your build I have lots of pictures pictures that I took of the scratch build prosses.



Hi Mech,
Are you using any computer software to aid the precise cuts or is it all manual measure, cut and sand/trim as necessary? Amazing work btw!
I’m sure it’s a typo but so have you been scratch building for 104 years? :slight_smile:
Thank you for posting.


Yep, started as a futuristic sci-fi build he was doing that became a reality. :joy:

relax. modellism is long term activity.ù
for futuristic I prefer an M60A2…

Hi James_Lee
Thank you for the compliment.
Thank you for pointing out the mistake in the year. I guess I should read the post before submitting it. It should read I started the M113 MTAB scratch built back in Feb. 2017. I have bean scratch building since 1987 with 1/35 scale model armor and HO model railroad since 1980.

All my scratch builds are done with scaling a picture of the subject and then drawing it on sheet styrene. Some times I make sketches with all 4 views and some times I use my artistic license. I try to be as accurate as I can but some times pictures are hard to come by on some vehicles.
Here are some examples.