I received the Takom M114A1E1 fairly recently and couldn’t help but start tinkering with it. Things were going more or less OK although I found the tracks somewhat difficult in that they’re quite fragile. I bult them so far then decided on working on the hull. I had some idea of how I wished to display it and that would be with all hatches open, but with the Commander not installed in his; this obviously meant that the interior would require detailing due to the view from the hatches - all of them in fact - even the ones I planned to populate.

The pics show what I’ve done so far; now, I fully appreciate it may not be that accurate but it’s my interpretation of what I’ve discerned from several sources. In the end, I had to resort to gizmology a little but I feel that with the hull top in place (and eventually the figures) I might just pull it off.

The discerning will notice an epic fail in that I’ve painted the interior as white when I’m fairly sure most of the interior should have been sea foam green. So the fastidious should look away now(!) I’m also aware that the 7.62mm ammo load is probably excessive but I went for a job lot from the AFV Club ammo set; I have had to assume that somewhere ammo for the 20mm was stashed, and again have used some containers from the AFV Club set, though appreciate that this may be a complete artifice.

Pics aren’t brilliant I’m afraid; the 2 helmets on cocktail sticks are from an ancient Tamiya set so are quite undersized; I’ve tried to depict the Mitchell cam pattern on them and added helmet bands from Tamiya tape, after texturing them with Mr Surfacer. They are yet to be faded and matted down.

The driver figure is bastardized from the Dragon US Tank Crew set and given a Hornet Head. I am unsure about the other figures just yet.


For some reason I can’t capitalise the subject properly; if anyone can amend this then please do so(!) - thanks.

Aaargh; on my screen this is also coming up uneder “General Discussions” as opposed to “Armour - Cold War” which is where I wanted it; infuriatingly too, I note “Tamiya” is also referenced. Now, I appreciate this may well be user error but I was pretty sure I put it where I wanted it; anyway, if anyone can fix this then please do so. Thanks.

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Don’t fret too much about the white interior color. The change over to Sea Foam Green interiors on APC types seems to have taken place in the late 60’s or so, and if not a new production vehicle, would not get repainted until an overhaul. In the mid 80’s, there were a few M113s in my old Mech Infantry battalion that still had white engine access panels while the rest of the interior was in Sea Foam Green. Probably old stock spare parts still in the inventory from some warehouse.

There are some good interior photos here, with some images that look to be taken from the -10 manual for the vehicle.



That’s exactly the main reference I used Carlos; thanks for the info re the white. To be honest, once I’ve th ehull top on let alone the Commander’s cupola I don’t think the interior colour will matter that much - I hope not.

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Nice start Brian, on one of my favourite Cold War AFV’s. Will watch with interest!

Looking good. I have the M114 w/interior headed my way now.

I removed the Tamiya reference and tried correcting the nomenclature in the title, but It won’t let me. The system is weird at times.

Thanks Gino - I’m sure the good folk who populate this site can live with it. Thanks again.

Ooops! No pressure then? It is one of the better looking AFVs I must admit; a great pity its performance fell short.

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Great looking interior Brian- all very neat and tidy and well painted.

Any plans for the exterior color yet?

Thanks Karl – always good to hear that ostensibly I’m on the right track (no pun intended).

I think I’ll go for the MASSTER version not least as I remember seeing it for real back in the day – though primarily on Gama Goats and M35 office trucks.

As it’s a recce vehicle I think I’ll try and portray the crew doing just that: the Driver in his seat but still looking around, the Commander standing on the hull top to get a better view, and the 3rd crew member scanning from his hatch. Donor figures? Well, as mentioned the Driver’s been converted from a Dragon set, I think I’ll have a go at converting the folding arms figure from the venerable Tamiya US Command Group into a Commander figure with binos, and I’m not yet sure about the other – perhaps from the Dragon LAH at Kursk set which has some good poses and plain – ie easy to convert – uniforms. We’ll see. Don’t expect Jerry Rutman style of sculpting though – I find it quite difficult although normally manage to get an effect. Oh, all with Hornet heads naturally – they really are a boon.


Try looking at the Tamiya M106 & 4.2” Mortar kits for standing figures. Those guys are in the period appropriate uniforms, and are not too horrible.

I love gizmology. Shep Paine had it right. While I like a good interior if you can readily see it, I’m not one of those “I know it’s there” modelers. Waste of time.


Yeah, I’ve used a couple of them before; I think I’ve some in my stash and I’ll have a look. We (ie Cold war modellers) really do need a little more love from the likes of Tamiya, or anybody come to think of it!

Exactly, I’m not kitting out every last detail just those areas which might be glimpsed from those, hopefully studying it when on the display tables. The Commander’s hatch is quite large although once I’ve added the cannon’s controls - or at least attempt the cannon’s controls(!) - what can be seen might not be all that I’m currently planning for, but I just can’t take the chance I feel.

Wise choice, certainly in my books!

I have a soft spot in my heart for the M114. As a brand-new second lieutenant right out of armor OCS at Fort Knox in 1967 I was assigned to the fifth reconnaissance squadron as a training officer in D Troop that trained M114 crewmembers. Our vehicles all had turret mounted 50 caliber and 20 mm gun systems. I had a great time with the 114 and never encountered any issues of maintainability or maneuverability other than it would not cross a very steep barrier because of the design of the nose. If I would ever own a military vehicle I sure would love to have an M114. This is a welcome addition to the available kits.


Thanks for making contact Hugh, and glad to hear about your experiences on the vehicle. If I may, I might ask the occasional question as I go along; in fact I’ve one now, and that is where was the 20mm ammo stored and what were the ammo cans/boxes like? I have assumed a similarity to the 40mm grenade boxes but realise that I may well be wide of the mark. Any info more than welcome.


Agree. I would think there would be a market for limited “through the hatch” interior sets, but I guess not enough to get anyone to make them . . .


IIRC it was the M548 20 linked can. Much larger than 50 cal. More like three 50 boxes end to end and 3 high. We carried our scout platoon 114’s uploaded in Germany and I believe we carried 4 m548 cans for 20mm and then 15-20 boxes of 7.62 for the M60 and three LAW’s attached to the rear door. Interior was sea foam green. Antenna (like tanks and M113’s) had tie downs to kept them from contacting overhead lines.
CTR was three with a driver, TC and a scout observer.
The 114’s in the tank battalions in the 70’s in German were all in HHC Scout platoon.
Live ammo was in the tracks but sidearms
And M60’s were in the arms room.