M1151 SOF Academy/Bronco/Live Resin 1:35

Exactly - this is the difference between a vehicle from the barracks and a humvee in combat conditions. :grin:I do indeed have good reference photos and intend to use them - dust and clutter included.(@18bravo :ok_hand:).
Usually - the most important word in this case. The arrangement of antennas and armament is also modifications of the crew according to their own needs. Am I right Rob?

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Some humvee and storage accessories

  • AT4
  • LAW
  • pelican cases
  • laptop
  • H&K
  • sniper rifles
  • gas cylinders
  • grenades
  • bullets for Carl Gustaf and a grenade launcher
  • minigun ammo
  • backpacks& bags
  • helmets

I don’t think that is the case at all. It is more likely your second reasoning; crew needs and/or how quickly it was installed. My HMMWVs in Iraq (OIF 1 and OIF? ('08-'09)) had tight radio cables like the one I showed above.

Yours looks great, just showing other options.


Perfect example in a non-combat environment. In 1999 my unit was tasked to provide EOD Support for a brigade from 4ID at the NTC. Our M998 Humvees had no radios in them at all, just empty racks. So besides installing all the MILES gear, they had to install a full SINGARS set up in our trucks. Wires and cables were everywhere!
Two weeks later, those same techs had to remove everything when we went home.

One more thing - in old humvees M998 / M1025 from OIF there were often old radios = few cables. With SINCGARS, BFT, DUKE, Harris and other things, the number of cables grows gigantically.

Oh man, to me those were the new ones!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Sure - I meant M998/M1025 vs M1114/M1151 variants

I’m no expert, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express once. :joy:

That trunk area looks the part as well.

I can tell you that all the wiring harnesses start out right, and are held in place everywhere. Loose wires are a problem looking for a place to happen. TACOM is extremely strict about all the cables and how they are stored.

In my opinion…enough. What do you think?


99% perfect. Nobody on my ODA (or any that I know of) smoked. Dipping is another matter entirely…


Ah, maybe a thermite grenade or two near the comms gear. I think you actually have them in a few of your photos.

I just resent them to you so you don’t have to search for them.

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Thanks. I’ll add grenades. Beer cans will be outside in the “warehouse”

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Ah yes - the warehouse. Home sweet home. Also rigged to blow at every corner of every rafter with enough C-4 and det cord to take out well, a huge warehouse with an ODA and all ther gear and vehicles inside of it.

I’m still trying to find the one with the cats…

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Yeap that’s a properly ‘lived in’ interior- dusty, grimy and plenty of kit- plus lots of nice little details too.


Yep your sh*t level is just about there…

Very nice, I like the interior a lot. Well done!


Thanks Guys. The inside of the roof is almost ready. It was bare - now there are 39 parts. I will install the second turret drive element later. Unfortunately, very little will be visible.


Looks good! I’ll leave this to you - we either disabled or completely removed the electric turret drive. It was notoriously unreliable - and just went with the hand crank.

I’ve heard about these problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Without glue and before retouching and painting corrections