M1278 JLTV. I love Kit 1/35

A humvee successor has been chosen so it’s time for a change. Larger than the HMMWV but smaller than the M-ATV. Shapely, but muscular. We begin. There will be a verse used by Marines with the MCTAGS turret


RFM is also doing one.
I wonder if this is an ex Panda kit?

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Don’t you thinks about the M-Atav? Not the same vehicle…

Will be following.

I too Love Kits, so will continue along this journey with you. Please, share a lots of photographs :wink:

Simple story…


A cabin without fireworks. I will wait for an RFM with an open interior. There are also few photos with the possibility of viewing the headliner, the arrangement of intercoms and the electronics itself. I close deafly. Windows in the rear door, like slits in a medieval knight’s helmet. Rear doors assembled on both sides.

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It looks

strange in the model. In a real vehicle too? Chassis frame missing. Front and rear independently mounted to the body? At the moment, it is folded “into saliva”, so it can be crooked.


“held together with spit”? We get it!

Looking good so far.

The actual vehicle is constructed this way as well. It has a central steel capsule that makes up the cab with front and rear subframes bolted to it.

From Oshkosh literature:

“JLTV uses a monocoque capsule design – meaning that the chassis is integral with the body of the vehicle – which has integrated ‘subframes’ to protect the crew capsule.”

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That 3D rendering is not correct.

From my visit to Osh Kosh a few years ago, I have photos on my walk around of the hood and rear sections removed. They show the sub-assemblies as in Makinen’s photos above. The kit looks fairly spot on - as much as one can tell from those photos. Way too much black going on though. The fun part will be painting everything under the hood.

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@18bravo -Too much black? The entire suspension is black. There is nothing to paint on the model under the hood.

I think he means it is hard to see details in the photos because everything is black and they are a little washed out/blurry.

Aaaaaaa! Give me a moment for dust and dry brush

No, I meant exactly what I said - there is a lot of color visible even with the hood down and no engine. There are cast suspension components, the accordion hose coming off the air filter, and a few other things. If it had an engine then you’d be obviously be treated to even more - orange, red, blue, yellow, and several metalics.

I don’t think I will think of anything here, since the model has no engine :grin:

I’ve sent you some photos to help you along.

Welcome to the jungle…

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