M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams - Pictures out there?

Pondering doing a build of a “latest and greatest” US Army M1. By that, I mean one with the new brownish camo scheme and (ideally) fitted with Trophy. So far, I’ve yet to see any pictures of these tanks actually in the field. All I’ve seen are these tanks either on test ranges, in PR shots or sitting at a factory. Anyone seen any pictures of these newest versions actually in the field with line companies?

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Lots, just google M1A2 SEPV3

DVIDS - Images - Raider Brigade receives M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams tanks [Image 6 of 6] DVIDS - Video - M1a2 Sepv3 Abrams Main Battle Tank Loader Pov B-Roll

The latest fielded version is the M1A2 SEP v3. It has extra frontal armor on the turret and different hull fittings, among other upgrades. Trophy can be fitted to them, but is not always fitted.

New two-tone green camo.


W/Trophy APS.

There is a kit that is coming soon of it by Rye Field Models.


Thanks Kenai, I’ve seen those before, they are a year old. Was hoping to find some pictures of these new tanks actually in the field, ie - with unit markings, names, etc. So far, the only pics I’ve seen of A3’s with the new paint are immaculate “vanilla” tanks with no markings whatsoever. Maybe my Google-fu is lacking but I’ve yet to find anything else.


Here are a few from 1CAV in the field, not green though.

"The heavy armor from the 3rd ABCT of the 1st Cavalry Division arrived in Antwerp in Belgium on 21st July, when the unit began its European deployment. Some of that equipment has been, meanwhile, sent to Poland as well.


There’s not much out there, sadly.

Yet to see Trophy fitted to any SEP v3. The tank in Gino’s pic isn’t a v3.

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Oh yeah, that looks like an A2 w/Trophy.

Something I noticed, all the Abrams with Trophy have even more armor on the turret front than the V3, and they’re not V3’s


Not sure what is going on above. They look like M1A2 SEP v2s with add-on turret front slope armor. I’m guessing they were test vehicles for the v3. They are not production M1A2 SEP v3s as their turret front slope armor isn’t proud of the turret like above is. They are integrated into the turret seamlessly.

No idea, lol, but I can’t find any pics of a V3 with Trophy :man_shrugging:t2:

There also seem to be many more fittings on the turret roof of these Trophy-equiped tanks than is shown in the new Rye Field kit, although it’s hard to get detailed views.

Here are pics I’ve scraped together from different sources.

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Here are some additional Rye Field shots. Why is there an option for the sprocket skirt to be folded back?


Makes sense, gotta get power to all that stuff. Found this pic that somewhat explains that funky two tone paint scheme.

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Well, if you paint over the CARC-E paint with in theater camo paint, then you lose the anti FLIR feature…Unless this is the new camo pattern.

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Early implementations of Trophy on Abrams required counterweights on the front of the turret.

This went away when the turret drive was upgraded, apparently.

Some more for the “A” kit solicitation.


So, who is going to print the cable guards? I want to put in my order.


So, if one should use the Trophy from RFM on another model (have not seen any Trophy on V3 so) , then one should need cable guard etc to make a correct model? Am I right?

Looks like that is an option w/M1A2 SEP v3 Abrams.

Some pics released by the Lithuanians today.

use the search, there are some recent threads from Sept/Oct with pics of v3 in the field.