M1A2 SEP v3 from Tamiya’s 1/16 static kit

With Australia’s first M1A2 SEP v3 due to arrive imminently, figured I should get cracking on a 1/16 build, converting Tamiya’s static kit.

Massaging several iterations of prints to get the right turret fronts:

Have been working on other components for a while. Mojo was definitely helped by climbing into a US Army SEP v3 in late April while I was in Georgia (US type).


Brought the turret front fascias up to date after the last test print.

The left side is now in a position to get to the finish line.

Here’s a test fit of the parts printed to date.

Looking forward to assembly.


Finally have the new turret fascias printed & glued.

Started by drilling holes in the front of the turret so glue could be flowed in from behind.

The fascias themselves have an internal recess to catch superglue, effectively a gasket.

Once fitted, the fascias were filled, sanded, & primed to confirm fit.

Looks ready for welds & detailing.

Thanks for looking in.


Nicely done and very smooth/sharp finish on those 3D printed parts.