M2/M3 Bradley Reference

And my own interpretation of the M2s the Division rolled with. Rumaila was the big battle the division fought, along with taking Jalibah Airfield.

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I was C 3-15 Inf.

3rd Plt. before crossing the border. One of my most cherished photos. I am sitting on the ground left of the flag.


You mean in front of the guy getting his eyes poked out? :smile:

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“CAN DO”. Audie Murphy’s regiment. :+1:

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I never looked at it like that. Does look like it. :rofl:

Great builds on those Brad’s…

They are perfect candidates for this thread I started of people’s personal rides…

Feel free to put some there if you’d like David :+1:

People’s Real Life Rides or Times in Service

This one is the cleanest picture I’ve seen of the old M2A1 Bradleys that rolled into Iraq with the 24th; same regiment as OP, but this one’s from 2nd platoon, Charlie Co. 3-15th Inf. 2nd Brigade.

This is the vehicle I used as reference for my Tamiya build.


Excellent references! Thanks!
I am building Kinetic’s M3A3 as an IFOR/SFOR M2A2, because I got it cheap.

What’s that actual kit like Ron ? I wanted a Bradley and was thinking of that one ?

The Kinetic kit is a reworked Orochi kit. It goes together well and Kinetic fixed most of the issues the Orochi kit had. Check out the first post in this thread to read up on them.


If you can get it for a decent price, do so!
It is great, even if rather fiddly and complex at times. The result is worth it.
Since I am backdating it to a mid-90’s M2A2 the tracks are incorrect. I got a set of Tamiya ones, but they they are slightly overstretched when fitted (with the appropriate idlers).
I am thinking of cheating a bit and cutting them, since the top run will be hidden by the side armour anyway.

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Sensible way to do it … Once it’s hidden away … :+1:

It looks like the US Army will now be equipping up to 150 Bradleys with the ‘Iron Fist’ APS developed by IMI.

Iron Fist (countermeasure) - Wikipedia


It’s high time and better than not having APS for the Bradley IFV.

Still, I do think that it’s time for the OMFV and I hope OMFV is a winning design.

If I may add to this informative thread, I have just CADed probably the most accurate set of M2/M3 running gear in 1/35. None of the plastic kits above in the market have the sprockets, wheels, and return rollers quite right. I’ve based these designs on technical documents and reference photos by juxtaposing them in CAD software. I dare to say that no other 3D printers have sold anything as accurate as these when it comes to M2/M3 running gear:


Another Bradley option.

US Bradleys on their way to Ukraine; will be a total of 109.

They will be M2A2 ODS-SA IFVs, M3A2 ODS-SA CFVs, and M7A2-SA Brads w/T161 tracks. These are M2A2 ODS Brads with added digital architecture from the M2A3, but no CITV. It does have the driver’s camera and digital instrument panel, etc. Not sure yet if it has the rear blast seats like an A3, but they probably do. They do, see below.

Driver’s Viewer camera on ones going to Ukraine.

Ukraine-bound Bradleys in Mannheim, Germany

There are a couple ways to build one, depending on which version (IFV, CFV, or BFIST) you want to build.

  1. M2A2 ODS-SA ICV
  • Option 1 - Use Academy’s M2A2 “Iraq 2003” kit (13205) and you have to do some kit-bashing with parts from Kinetic’s M3A3 CFV kit (61014 or 61016). You would need Academy’s kit since it is a new-build M2A2 ODS. Change out the running gear and tracks from the Kinetic kit (61016, has the T161 tracks and square-block Bigfoot tracks). Do not add the hinges for the swim barrier on the front slope (parts F20 x2) and remove the hinge part on F22 (triangles in front of the handle at the center). Add the newer ammo stowage boxes on the back of the turret basket, thicker gunner’s hatch, new front mud guards, and newer Gunner’s Primary Sight box (cut off molded on one), and driver’s viewer parts from Kinetic. I would replace the whole TOW box w/the Kinetic one as well since it is just better detailed. There are many other parts that could be used off the Kinetic kit since it is generally better detailed. The box on top of the Gunner’s Primary Sight box is for an FBCB2 (digital tracking system) antenna and could be sourced form one of the Meng kits or some of the PE sets from Voyager. On the interior, they would have the blast seats down each side and rubber flooring as in the Meng M2A3 kit (you can use the whole Meng interior).

  • Option 2 - Use the Kinetic M3A3 kit and follow the below method for an M2A3 ODS-SA but graft the Academy (or Tamiya) M2A2 rear roof section onto it. I did this a while ago w/a Meng M3A3 to backdate it to an OIF M2A2 ODS. You would also need to lengthen or change out the rear turret storage basket as described below and add back the three periscopes on the rear sides (1 left, 2 right; seen below on the Meng hull), but that is about all.

How I did it w/a Meng M3A3 hull. Disregard steps 2 and 3.

  1. M3A2 ODS-SA CFV Use the Kinetic M3A3 kit (61014 or 61016) and you would still require some work. You would need to leave off all the ERA and mounting hardware, fill all the holes from the ERA with bolt heads, leave off TC’s shields, and leave off the whole CITV assembly. The one piece that needs extra attention is the rear storage basket. It needs to be full length to be an earlier A2 version, either replaced or extended where the CITV was. The box on top of the Gunner’s Primary Sight box is for an FBCB2 (digital tracking system) antenna and could be sourced form one of the Meng kits or some of the PE sets from Voyager. On the interior, they would have the blast seats down one side and rubber flooring like the Meng M3A3 kit, you can use the entire Meng M3A3 interior kit (SPS017) on it.

  2. M7A2-SA BFIST Follow the above for an M3A2 ODS SA using the Kinetic M3A3 kit and swap out the TOW box for the Model Monkey BFIST Targeting head. Also add the extended rear light guards and additional antennas on them.
    1/35 M3A3 and M7A3 Bradley Fire Support Team “BFiST” Vehicle Sensor Box | Model Monkey (model-monkey.com)

EDIT - Found some more info on the M2A2 ODS-SA. They do have the new blast-resistant seating and the rear rubber floor, like in the Meng kits.

M2A2 ODS SA w/new seats and rubber floor.

They are also getting M3A2 ODS-SA and a few (4) M7A2-SA BFIST.

M3A2 ODS-SA CFV with new seats and rubber floor.

M7A2-SA BFIST, no Cdr’s Thermal Viewer.

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That’s my idea. The Kinetic is the only kit currently sporting the T-161 tracks, so I’d go that route; then adding the other details from Meng’s M2A3 BUSK.

For other international Bradleys, here are some other options.

Lebanese M2A2 ODS: 32 in inventory.

Saudi Arabian M2A2: 400 in inventory.

Future Users: Croatia and Greece.

Croatian M2A2 ODS (deal already signed for 89 vehicles)

Greece has tentatively signed a deal for 350 M2A2 Bradleys.


Man, I love the Bradley.

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I need to get that MENG kit, this year.